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I started using Anime Studio back when it was called Moho! If you need any help please get in contact.


  • Santa and Reindeer

    12 October 2017 at 09:54:16 AM
    Thank you for sharing
  • Robot Dog

    3 October 2017 at 08:10:47 PM
    He has used 'Actions'. If you have Moho (Anime Studio) Pro, open the Actions window.. Window > Actions
    Then double click on his 'correr' action. The timeline will change to this sub-animation and you will see the keypoints.
    Tutorial: Main Timeline vs Actions
  • Spiders Watching TV

    30 September 2017 at 12:25:54 AM
    Indeed, that was awesome! cool
  • Wave Script - Displace Time

    29 August 2017 at 01:53:32 PM
    You should put scripts in your custom content folder, not in the program folder.
    In Moho Pro 12, you can create and view this folder in preferences > general.
    There's more info in the help file.
    You may need to refresh the tools/scripts (Alt Shift Control L), or close and re-open Moho when you put the script in the folder.
  • Crete Bulls of Fire

    13 August 2017 at 01:14:54 PM
    Is there no mystery that the Wise-Cracking car and team can't solve?
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Preset Walk Animations
Preset Walk Animations - Anime Studio Tutorial
5 December 2017

How to use animation from library to copy paste between rigs with same bone structure and names.

Frame by Frame Freehand in Moho
Frame by Frame Freehand in Moho - Anime Studio Tutorial
5 December 2017

A step by step approach to freehand and frame by frame in Moho, with tips on filling and shading passes.
To suit intermediate and expert users.

Nested Interpolation in Moho 12.4
Nested Interpolation in Moho 12.4 - Moho Pro Tutorial
3 December 2017

A new feature in Moho 12.4 is nested interpolation, this explains what it is and how it works.

How to animate vapors, smog and fog gas
How to animate vapors, smog and fog gas - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
3 December 2017

So this tutorial is another particle effect tutorial on making all of the listed above as well as smoke. I tried uploading this and it was immediately demonized because of that word I'm thinking. Anyway, you can use this technique to create all kinds of cool effects as long as you have Anime Studio Pro 7 or above. It must be the Pro versions as you'll have to use particles.

Customizing your clothes for your character
Customizing your clothes for your character - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
3 December 2017

If you have used my tutorial on making a character or you have MOHO 12 you may have wanted to make your own custom clothes or you just wanted to tweak something that's already there. This tutorial is to show you how to do that and save time on character creation without having to do a lot of re-rigging or re binding.
It's meant to be pretty easy to do so if you have any questions or comments just leave them down below and thanks for watching!