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About me:

home made cartoon non-sense - when I was very young, I thought it would be great to direct my own movies - I could picture how I wanted the scenes ordered and framed - and now with programs like Anime Studio I can actually be in charge of all the producing and directing my heart ever desired

  • Jazz Age Dragon

    13 August 2017 at 04:51:44 PM
    admin- I had to either remove my video or allow it to be monetized by someone according to their claim on the musics copyright. I got the music from a site that claimed there was no copyright, but the way to contest the copyright claim on Youtube looked too difficult to deal with, and could possibly have resulted in a "strike" against me, so I removed the video. I am reworking it with new music.
  • Caveman It Will Keep

    29 July 2017 at 02:09:55 PM
    I saw your "shadow" comment and see that you have Moho Pro12, so it should be fairly easy to do (perhaps a little work, but not too hard).
    moho pro 11 features - around minute 16 in this video – layer referencing could be used to easily create shadows that follow your characters – just change the reference layer to the color you want your shadow to be
  • Jolly Roger

    24 July 2017 at 08:19:21 PM
    The skeleton's back flip is very well done!
  • Gusty the Dragon

    27 May 2017 at 03:23:12 AM
    justoshow - thank you so much for your comment, it means alot to me - as sort of a hobbyist animator I start to question all the time I put into these things, and wonder if anyone is enjoying them - glad you liked the story!
  • Webinar: How to Apply the Principles of Animation

    30 April 2017 at 12:03:06 AM
    Great overview of basics that animations should follow and that animators should try to attain. When Sr. Paredes speaks about many actions being too "slow" in many cartoons, I have noticed that tendancy in my own work, and have learned to playback many times before the final render so that none of the action seems unusual for the intended purpose. Great to see this tutorial from an expert.
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How to Animate Handwriting in Anime Studio
How to Animate Handwriting in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Tutorial
6 March 2016

This is a tutorial on how to animate the effect of hand writing text. You can use this to animate a character drawing a picture, writing a letter or use it as an effect to show something getting scrubbed of. It requires a little bit of masking, tracing,the stroke exposure tool and the follow path tool.

How to animate a stroke
How to animate a stroke - Anime Studio Tutorial
16 March 2013

A quick hit video tutorial of a fantastic feature in Anime Studio Pro 7 "Stroke Exposure"

Vector Shape Selector
Vector Shape Selector - Anime Studio Pro 8
4 June 2012

This new tool will make is easy to select vectors in your scene. By selecting this tool you can simply click on the vector and it will select it - even if it's in another layer.

Webinar: How to Apply the Principles of Animation
Webinar: How to Apply the Principles of Animation - Anime Studio Tutorial
2 October 2014

In previous webinars, Victor Paredes has focused on how to use the tools in Anime Studio to create flexible characters ready for animation. In this webinar, Victor will review the next step: the animation itself. Join us in this 1-hour webinar as Victor shows you how to use the tools in Anime Studio to create animations, and more importantly, how to apply and play with the animation principles to improve your character's performance.

Walk Cycle (Selgin Technique)
Walk Cycle (Selgin Technique) - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
17 June 2012

Showing a very basic rig, building a basic walk cycle, and how to make a plethora of walks using Selgin's revolutionary (quite literally :P) backwards foot locking technique. I also quickly go over how to reproduce the 'la linea' look.

Read more about it here in Selgin's post:

How to achieve this look (intersecting solid line) tutorial: