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Creating Detailed Torso Movements
Creating Detailed Torso Movements - Anime Studio Tutorial
21 December 2013 LilredheadComics

If you are looking to add some realism or polish to your animations, then you will want to check out this Anime Studio tutorial. Here we demonstrate how to draw a male torso and then create subtle movements with the chest in conjunction with an arm using Smart Bones.

Recorded By: Jim Mills
Narrated By: Chad Troftgruben

Improvements to Brush Spacing
Improvements to Brush Spacing - Anime Studio 9.5 Overview
16 August 2013 Smith Micro Graphics

Brushes sometimes tended to bunch up, especially around pointy corners. The brush spacing is now much more even, including when the curviness of a shape is animated over time.

Anime Studio 9.5 Now Out!

Animated arc in Anime Studio
Animated arc in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Pro and Debut
27 July 2013 sbtamu

How to animate the outline stoke of an arc in Anime Studio using the stroke exposure tool.

Dashed line in Anime Studio
Dashed line in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Pro and Debut
27 July 2013 sbtamu

This quick tutorial shows a method of creating a dashed line in Anime Studio using the brush tool

Backgrounds With Brushes
Backgrounds With Brushes - Anime Studio Tutorial
19 February 2013 AnimeStudioTutor

In this Anime Studio Tutorial, we look at how to create a background using the brush settings of a simple line.

As the line can be as long as needed, this technique is ideal for long repeating / looping designs.

This tutorial comes with help from Jorge Merino - Graphic Designer. He has also very kindly provided some sample brushes for this tutorial which can be found in the supporting content.

Click here to view FREE Anime Studio Brushes

Character Segmentation
Character Segmentation - Anime Studio Tutorial
6 February 2013 neomarz1

Watch as Mars scans his character design into Photoshop, then digitalises it for use with his Anime Studio project.

Curve Profiles
Curve Profiles - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012 ShoNuff93

A little technique on making continuous movement around vector objects using the curve profile option

Creating Tiling Wallpaper
Creating Tiling Wallpaper - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
22 June 2012 ShoNuff93

This video shows you how to add textures to objects in anime studio.

Link to website in video:

Curve Profile
Curve Profile - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
17 June 2012 Funksmaname

A couple of uses for the Curve profile tool...
Discuss here:

The reason the shape moved so much when i moved that point was because it was the first point I drew when creating the shape - so it uses this shape origin as the starting point for wrapping the profile. Moving other points causes much less warping

Shape Stacking pt 3
Shape Stacking pt 3 - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
17 June 2012 Funksmaname

This one is less about shape staking, but shows a simpler eye setup.
I also discuss Ramon's Lost Layer tool, and Synthsin's mod of Fazek's meshinstance script (I didn't realise Fazek created this originally hence no mention on the video, but Synth's version is the one I use)

I touch on the very basic fundamentals of using Selgin's 'new improved head turn' technique as well.

for discussion and links - come to the forum post:

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