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Starcadia- The Animation


Jeez this took me forever. I gave myself no longer than two months to finish this or scrap it. Well, it's been two months, and I'm sticking to my arbitrarily placed time limit. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, overall; It's not perfect, but it's good! (At least I hope it is @[email protected])
I had a ton of fun making this video and I learned so much new stuff while experimenting. Stuff that would have saved me a ton of time from production, but nonetheless! I enjoyed making this and I sure do hope you enjoy watching it too.
I'm sorry for my ridiculously long absence from uploading anything! I've been working on learning new tricks and skillzzzzzz. (Plus I wasn't enjoying making the other kinda animations I was working on pero lyk that's a personal preference).

Difficulty Ratings: (!!!)
Difficulty to produce sound:
?/10 (I didn't do any of it lol)
Difficulty to animate sky:
Difficulty to animate stars:
8/10 (Song unsyncs partway through, making it extra difficult)
Difficulty to animate UFO:
3/10 (I totally cheated)
Difficulty to animate the character:
5/10 (Left him at the rough pass. Kinda liked the organic feel to it)
Difficulty to maintain morale:
Overall difficulty to produce this video:

Anyway, hopefully you all like the video!

Special thanks to Rob Tercero for helping me with the song mixing! (Give this talented boy some love if you'd be so willing)

I don't own this song! This song is by Joy Electric (I think)- Starcadia
Copyright goes to my Turtle, because it's the chillest turtle to ever turtle. Undisputed!!!!
But for reals tho. I hope to Buddha I don't get content Id'd. What even would happen, I wonder. I didn't monetize this so I don't think anything would? Who knows. I evidently didn't do my research.

ETA for next animation? I honestly couldn't tell you. I'd be a liar if I gave out any specific date. Just know it's sometime in the near future.

10 pts. naming the constellations
10 pts. Finding where I got my UFO reference

Author Nobo
Added on the 5 Feb, 2018
Added By nobo
393 YouTube views