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Chris D'elia Eminem Rap


original clip

check out the podcast

This awesome beat was created by DJ Ray
check out his other works, and show him some love

I love animating, and I'm very fortunate to be indulging in my passion through the wonderful world of Youtube!
Part of the reason why I made a ko-fi account is because as some of you may know, I can't earn any ad revenue from my content due to the recent changes youtube has put in place.

I love creating animation's, as well as a variety of other content that utilizes my art!

Of course, since the videos on my channel are a fun little mixed grab-bag of sorts, youtube isn't a very reliable source of income.
Someday I would love to be able to animate full time!
If you feel inclined to make a pledge, I very much appreciate it!,
If not, then just keeping up with my videos is more than enough support to keep me going!

Thank you very much!

Author ArtSamurai
Added on the 1 Dec, 2018
1,649 YouTube views