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Western Space Odyssey - The Movie


When newly-promoted Captain Sheriff Plantagenet Clamdip - of the Planet Massachusetts - arrives at the most distant outpost of the Western Federation to take command of the BFS (Big Frikkin' Ship) 'Toasted Western', he barely avoids getting fragged by his own cowboy crew in the first thirty seconds. But, as fragging a new Captain Sheriff in the first week is mostly frowned upon, the crew reluctantly comes together to head out on their first mission.

Traveling deep into the most distant reaches of the interstellar 'Back 40' where no Western Federation ship has ever been, the crew hopes they don't cross paths with their most feared nemesis - the dangerous, mysterious Indian TribeShips. While no actual information about the TribeShips is known, their formidable and fearsome reputation is whispered of in very quiet voices.

But as the 'Toasted Western' heads deeper into the 'Back 40', little do the cowboys know that a TribeShip is indeed ahead of them, moving closer on a course bearing directly toward them.

And the TribeShip has a mission of its own...


Admiral Marshal Hambone: voiced by E. Isen
Captain Sheriff Clamdip: voiced by Richie Pine
Commander Deputy Squint: voiced by Doug Somers
Lt. Deputy Kidd: voiced by Jef Leeson
Lt. Deputy Squabb: voiced by Allan Jensen
Ensign Deputy Shlabotnik: voiced by Peter Jardine
Engineer Joe: voiced by Rik Berryere

Ship's Chief Ayawamat: voiced by Phillip Sacramento
First Chief Namida: voiced by Deb Berryere
Second Chief Ahanu: voiced by Sean Ellison

Floyd the Android: voiced by Peter Jardine
Cylon-style voices: voiced by Peter Walker

Special Guest Voice as Himself: Terry Draper (of Klaatu)


Story and Script: Rik Berryere
Original Music Score: Doug Somers
Art and Animation: Rik Berryere
Audio Editing, Mixing and Production: Jef Leeson
Additional Music: Al Jensen, Peter Jardine
Directed by Rik Berryere


Important disclaimer:

All brief visual and musical 'Easter Eggs' and cameos by established sci-fi properties are purely for parody purposes, and play no part whatsoever in the plot or storyline of this movie. This falls well within the definition of 'Fair Use' for parody purposes. All depictions of properties were created in-house - no previously recorded copyrighted images, footage or music is used anywhere.

Added on the 18 Sep, 2022
6,019 YouTube views