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3D Rendering Options
3D Rendering Options - Anime Studio 8 Pro Feature
4 June 2012

Anime Studio Pro 8 now includes full support for Youtube's 3D formats. This video shows a quick Stereo rendering - Side By Side (YouTube)

Draw a web quickly
Draw a web quickly - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
9 November 2017

This is a quick way to draw a spider's web in Moho

Spirograph Patterns in Moho
Spirograph Patterns in Moho - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
2 October 2017

Creating a spirograph effect is easy in Moho Pro 12. Using this method you can create some fun designs in no time.

Character Rigging Using Smart Bones Webinar
Character Rigging Using Smart Bones Webinar - Anime Studio 9 Pro Tutorial
1 October 2012

In this 1-hour webinar Victor Parades will show you how his workflow for character rigging has improved with the new features of Anime Studio Pro 9. Using Smart Bones, Victor will demonstrate how to set up very simple bone rigging to complex simulated 3D rigs which would have been impossible in previous versions. Watch this professional artist at work and gain a valuable insight into his workflow.

Physics Tutorial
Physics Tutorial - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
4 June 2012

Tutorial showing the rag-doll physics in Anime Studio Pro 8