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Member Since: 15 December 2012
Last Logged In: 18 February 2024
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Last 5 Tutorials Completed:

Curve Profile Tool
Curve Profile Tool - Anime Studio 9 Pro Feature
16 March 2013

Curve profiles provide a way to add interesting detail to a shape. You use the Curve Profile tool to create these details on a shape. You select a shape on a layer. Additional curves that define the profile can appear on the same layer.

Anime Studio Pro Only Feature

Drawing Tools
Drawing Tools - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
4 June 2012

Anime Studio Pro 8 has powerful vector based draw, paint and fill tools.

Animating words with masking
Animating words with masking - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012

This is a quick tutorial on how to mask works to pass through an object. Masking has always been a little tricky to me in anime studio but with a little bit of messing around I found out how to do this and it looks pretty decent.

Realistic Spotlight Effect
Realistic Spotlight Effect - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012

Making a spotlight using simple layer effects to achieve realistic lighting.

Using Photoshop Assets
Using Photoshop Assets - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012

This is a two part tutorial on making assets in photoshop and using them in anime studio. It's not a real comprehensive tutorial on the subject but it give you a general idea on what you can do using photoshop and layer effects. I'd say it might be useful for anyone who wants to you gradient transparencies or effects that can't be replicated easily in AS.

Photoshop Assets In Anime Studio: Part 2