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Member Since: 19 March 2013
Last Logged In: 14 October 2015
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  • Red monster
    Red monster
    3 Rates (5)
    Anime Studio Pro 9.2
    22 September 2013
  • Bizarre Creature
    Bizarre Creature
    4 Rates (5)
    Anime Studio Pro 9
    18 June 2013
  • Robot Dog
    Robot Dog
    6 Rates (4.5)
    Anime Studio Debut 9
    17 June 2013
  • blueman  UPDATE
    blueman UPDATE
    5 Rates (4.4)
    Anime Studio Pro 9
    16 June 2013
  • Gnome Rigg
    Gnome Rigg
    3 Rates (4.3)
    Anime Studio Pro 9
    16 June 2013

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Last 5 Tutorials Completed:

Animating words with masking
Animating words with masking - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012

This is a quick tutorial on how to mask works to pass through an object. Masking has always been a little tricky to me in anime studio but with a little bit of messing around I found out how to do this and it looks pretty decent.

Cut It Out With Masking
Cut It Out With Masking - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012

This is a tutorial on how to cutout photos that you import to anime studio. This technique uses masking and creates very sharp edges because the mask itself is a vector output!

Webinar: Creating Custom Facial Rigs
Webinar: Creating Custom Facial Rigs - Anime Studio Pro 9 Webinar
19 April 2013

Join Vern in this 1-hour webinar as he shows you how to create your own facial control rigs to animate the faces of your characters in Anime Studio Pro. Learn how to build simple controls for opening and closing the eyes, and for animating the eyebrows. These control rigs will allow you to animate features such as these both separately and/or together.

Do you ever get frustrated with bones over the face of your characters that clutter up the preview while trying to animate? As part of the face control rig, Vern will also cover creating an "External Control Rig" in Anime Studio using the Bone Constraints feature. The "External Bone Control Rig" will eliminate visual clutter allowing for a completely clean preview of the character's face during animation. By making use of a non-rendering vector layer, "control markers" are assigned to the control bones and the bone display can be turned off completely in the Anime Studio preview. Nothing will block or interfere with your view of the characters head and face while you animate. By using the ideas presented in this webinar you can simplify and streamline your animation process.

The script can be found here

Moving a Pump with Physics
Moving a Pump with Physics - Anime Studio Pro Tutorial
31 May 2013

Animating this small graphic was made easy with the help of bones and physics. This tutorial gives a quick overview of how this was created.

3D Shape Design
3D Shape Design - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
4 June 2012

Create your own 3D objects from 2D vector layers