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Member Since: 2 April 2019
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Last 3 Tutorials Completed:

Drawing & Rigging A Hand Part 4
Drawing & Rigging A Hand Part 4 - Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Tutorial
17 September 2013

A series showing how to draw, rig and add smart bone finesse to a hand in Anime Studio Pro 9.5

Part 4 shows how to add external control bones for bending fingers.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

Particle Source
Particle Source - Anime Studio Tutorial
2 March 2014

How to use the new 'Particle Source' feature.

Water Effects in Moho (Anime Studio) Pro
Water Effects in Moho (Anime Studio) Pro - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 October 2016

Sorry for the long video but if it makes you feel any better it's actually in 3 parts. They are all tutorials on water effects and you can skip to the beginning of any of them at these marks.

3:06 Basic noise water effect
24:39 AROHA's spinning circle water effect
47:29 reflective pool effect