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Is it Anime Studio or Moho?
Moho was created by Mike Clifton in 1998, it remained Moho until version 5, then in 2006 the name was changed to Anime Studio Pro 6. In July 2016 Smith Micro announced the name would be changed back to Moho.
More about the history of Moho (Anime Studio) can be found here:

What is Moho (Anime Studio)?
Moho (Anime Studio) is an animation program for both PC and Mac.

Why use animation software?
Key frame animation means the program can work out the animation between frames using tweening. For example, in the following image I moved the ball from the top of the scene in frame 1, then jumped to frame 36 on the timeline and moved the ball to the bottom of the scene. Moho (Anime Studio) will then automatically work out all the frames between 1 and 36 instantly. In traditional animation, with pen/pencil and paper, each frame would need to have been drawn by hand.

Anime Studio
Moho (Anime Studio) has been geared towards creating vector artwork (like Flash animations) but you can easily use imported images, 3D objects (.obj) and videos to animate with.

Its real power comes with the 'bones' feature which allows you to quickly animate your characters via movable rigs.

Why was it called Anime Studio?

Although the software was called 'Anime' Studio, very little Japanese animated productions are made with it. Its original name was, and once again is 'Moho', but for a while it became Anime Studio when Smith Micro took over, to pull it in line with their other programs such as Manga Studio (Comic book/illustration software)

The software now has motion tracking, a physics engine, a character wizard and can even handle basic 3D objects (Created within or imported .obj files).

What can Moho (Anime Studio) do?
Like any tool, it's only really limited by the user. Once you get up to speed with the software, you'll soon see how powerful it really is, and with the ability to expand the program with scripts (many of which can be found for free on the Anime Studio Forum or new possibilities keep emerging.

Please have a look at our growing list of films created with Moho (Anime Studio) 600+!

How much does it cost?
The Debut version retails for only $49.99 and the Professional version is $299.99.

What's the difference between the versions?
The Pro version has additional advanced features such as scripts, smart bones, warp layers, frame by frame, 3D layers, physics, and particles.
You can compare versions here.

How do I get a copy of Moho (Anime Studio)?
You can download a trial version of Moho (Anime Studio) Debut from Smith Micro. You can also purchase the software directly from them.

Where can I find out more about this program?
Please see our links page or the official Anime Studio website.

To get started, the following videos are recommended:

  1. Webinar: Anime Studio Pro 11 For Animators
  2. Product Overview - Anime Studio Pro 9.5
  3. Easy Animation With Anime Studio Pro
  4. Animate With Mike Scott

It's worth mentioning that Anime Studio comes with an excellent help file, and an extensive set of tutorials (with example files) that you should work through. These can be found under the 'help' menu in Anime Studio.

And finally, don't forget to have a look through the growing library of Shared Files here on

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