Draw a web quickly

Draw A Web Quickly


Tutorial Number: 429
Made with: Moho Pro 12
Level: Basic

This is a quick way to draw a spider's web in Moho

1. Draw a gid

Create a new vector layer.
Using the Draw Shape Draw Shape tool, select the 'grid' shape and set the horizontal and vertical to a high number, for example 10. (20 is the Max.)
Make sure the 'Auto-stroke' option is checked to make things easier. You should also make sure your line width is something suitable like 4 in the styles panel. The line colour is black in this example.
Draw a rectangle towards the top of your view.

2. Bend the points

Select all your points (Ctrl + A ), and with the Bend Points Bend Points tool, drag your cursor down so that the points join.
The end points won't pass each other once they reach the maximum rotation, but if you let go and try again it will distort the design further. You would need to do an undo (Ctrl + Z) if you wanted to try again.

3. Add the centre

Select the Add Point Add Point tool. Make sure, auto-weld, auto-stroke and sharp corners are the only options checked.
Join the centre strands together.

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Updated: 11 Dec 2017
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