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ALIVE (Music Video) -- Made with MASCHINE & ANIME STUDIO Pro 9.5


The song is an original song by me(Ron Hamer) called "Alive". It was produced entirely on the MASCHINE MK1(Software version 2.0) by Native Instruments.

The Video was created using Anime Studio Pro 9.5. This animation by far is my longest and in some ways to me was the most complicated. Putting all this together took me several weeks and a few sleepless nights. I'm very proud of it. I hope all of you enjoy it. I did learn a lot while making it though. I made a bunch of mistakes early on and throughout that haunted me for the entire project, but I kept finding ways around them, which I think probably made things harder for me. The most non technical one being, I should have created a storyboard or something so that I knew what to do when and where and what not. So I don't recommend just making it up as you go, like I did. Anyway, I tried to create the theme throughout the video that the song was bringing the dead back to life... The song is an original song by me(Ron Hamer) called "Alive". What does that have to do with Animation? Well, Nothing I guess, accept that in addition to animation, I produce and create my own music (My main hobby). ENJOY.

Author Ron Hamer
Added on the 20 Nov, 2016
1,400 YouTube views