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Zombie Kid Likes Turtles


This has been the longest project I've made alone by far. It took 9 months to be finished but it's not because of its difficulty, it's because I only worked on it in my spare time or when I was in the mood.
To be honest it ended just as I wanted and I did mixed many different animation technics... first of all the construction of puppet with tracking points, then I filmed the scenes them with a DSLR Camera for later to clean up the background with Keylight and stick the eyes, mouth and arms (previously animated with AnimeStudio) in After. I also made a short stop motion with the CG of the News... Then I needed a bakground so I modeled and animated it in C4D, to finally recompose it again in AE. Of course the main idea was to re-make the funny video "Zombie kid likes turtles" which was launched on Yotube a couple of years ago... I hope you enjoy it and also the images I added for the "making of" (bottom-right)... Greetings!

Original video here:

Author mariolo
Added on the 7 Jun, 2018
1,734 Vimeo views