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Layer Ordering For Beginners
Layer Ordering For Beginners - Anime Studio 8 Tutorial
10 August 2012

This is a basic tutorial on setting up Anime Studio to allow animated layers.

Once layer ordering has been turned on, any re-ordering of the layers will be recorded.

For example, if you move 5 seconds into the animation, and move a layer from the bottom of the group to the top, a key point would be added. When the animation reaches this point that layer will go from the bottom to the top - i.e. from the back to in front.

Render Styles
Render Styles - Anime Studio Pro 8
6 June 2012

In this short lesson, Chad shows you how to apply quick, stylized effects to your Anime Studio animation. This can greatly boost the visual appeal of your project and save you time in the process.

Lip Sync Basics
Lip Sync Basics - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
28 June 2012

How to lip sync in Anime Studio. Watch this Anime Studio lip sync tutorial if you've been having problems getting your character's mouth correct.

Animating Gears With Physics
Animating Gears With Physics - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 April 2012

Using the physics in Anime Studio we can rotate all the gears automatically with ease. One gear is set as a motor and the others are set to 'pivot on origin'.

Basic Bone Rigging
Basic Bone Rigging - Anime Studio 6 Pro Tutorial
4 June 2012

This tutorial quickly covers bones, binding and layers.

Head Turn
Head Turn - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
4 June 2012

Head turn using switch layers

Basic Tutorial
Basic Tutorial - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
4 June 2012

Artist: Jon from Middledistance Productions
Learn the basics of Anime Studio 7.

Rotate Layers
Rotate Layers - Anime Studio Debut 7
4 June 2012

How to rotate a layer or image in Anime Studio Debut 7

Pan Tool
Pan Tool - Anime Studio Debut 7
4 June 2012

How to pan the scene in Anime Studio Debut 7

Translate Points Tool
Translate Points Tool - Anime Studio Debut 8
4 June 2012

The translate point tool allows you to translate and move one or more selected points.

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