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Found 5 results for Text
Text Layer
Text Layer - Anime Studio Feature
16 March 2013Smith Micro Graphics

Anime Studio allows you to enter text in your projects

Kinetic Motion Typography in MOHO
Kinetic Motion Typography in MOHO - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 October 2016ShoNuff93

This tutorial shows some very basic techniques in making moving typography in Anime Studio or MOHO. I'm really new to typography but I think Anime Studio and MOHO you can do some really cool stuff with it.

I know other programs can do motion typography much easier and even have some default settings but I made this to show that it can be done in inside of these programs as well.

Given time, I think that anyone that uses Anime Studio/MOHO will be able to some amazing work with text and titles.

Anyway, again this is just a very simple way to start learning how to integrate text and sound together to make an animation. I'm sure I'll make a follow up tutorial on this subject when I'm a little bit better at it!

How to create the classic Marvel movie intro
How to create the classic Marvel movie intro - Moho Tutorial
28 April 2019ShoNuff93

So "Avengers End Game" is coming out today so I thought I'd do a tutorial on making the classic Marvel movie intro using Anime Studio!
Yes, this could be done in other programs but I wanted to show you guys that text effects can be done fairly easy directly in the program and can be modified to suit your subject matter.
I'm going to start making other text themed tutorial so if you guys have any ideas on what you'd like to see let me know!
For any Patron's reading this, I'll be sending you the file soon so you can see exactly how it's constructed.
There are a lot of fading in and fading out keyframes that I had to fiddle with to make it look exactly how I wanted so you can see where I put them in.

How to make speech or talk bubbles
How to make speech or talk bubbles - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
3 December 2017ShoNuff93

This one is pretty easy to do. Draw a bubble add some text, hide it, reveal it, hide it again! Simple enough but just in case you wanted to add a touch of movement to thought bubbles I thought I'd add that too.

Plus, I got over using curve profiles a bit. It's a tool that many of you have probably never heard of or used but it's really pretty cool so check it out!

How to Animate Handwriting in Anime Studio
How to Animate Handwriting in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Tutorial
6 March 2016ShoNuff93

This is a tutorial on how to animate the effect of hand writing text. You can use this to animate a character drawing a picture, writing a letter or use it as an effect to show something getting scrubbed of. It requires a little bit of masking, tracing,the stroke exposure tool and the follow path tool.

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