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Layer Outline Effect
Layer Outline Effect - Anime Studio Debut 8 Feature
4 June 2012Smith Micro Graphics

A simple effect to add to the layer.

Water Effects in Moho (Anime Studio) Pro
Water Effects in Moho (Anime Studio) Pro - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 October 2016ShoNuff93

Sorry for the long video but if it makes you feel any better it's actually in 3 parts. They are all tutorials on water effects and you can skip to the beginning of any of them at these marks.

:06 Basic noise water effect
24:39 AROHA's spinning circle water effect
47:29 reflective pool effect

Layer Outline Effect in Anime Studio 10
Layer Outline Effect in Anime Studio 10 - Anime Studio Tutorial
2 March 2014Smith Micro Graphics

How to create an outline effect in Anime Studio

How to make confetti
How to make confetti - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
3 December 2017ShoNuff93

This is another easy-to-do particle effect that you can use to create confetti in Anime Studio Pro of MOHO Pro 12. It uses a little bit of randomized 3D rotation of a flat square to give the illusion of confetti floating downward and also uses a very subtle use of the noise effect to scatter and simulate wind and to create even more realistic movement. You can use this for parade animations, sporting events and I'm guessing a lot of people might like to use it for New Years Eve animations as well. It only takes a few minutes to set up and create various colors to keep in your library for later use!

Lightning Effect Part 1
Lightning Effect Part 1 - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012ShoNuff93

A quick tutorial on how to make a lightning effect in anime studio.

Lightning Effect: Part 2

Spinning Globe Effect in Moho Pro
Spinning Globe Effect in Moho Pro - Moho Pro Tutorial
14 October 2018ShoNuff93

As you can see by the beginning intro this tutorial will show you how to create a spinning globe effect in Anime Studio/MOHO with the help of clipping masks and a little bit of cycling animation. You'll learn how to use group folders to use masks as well as how to recolour a .png file that has a transparency. It's pretty simple but really effective.

If you'd like to help support this channel and also get characters and artwork for your animations, check out my Patreon channel at

How to create an X-Ray effect
How to create an X-Ray effect - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
18 February 2018ShoNuff93

This is how to create an X-Ray effect in MOHO or Anime Studio using two separate characters and then rigging them to the same set of bones. Then, all you need to do is add a little bit of masking and boom! I believe this will work for even much older version of Anime Studio as long as you've got the masking option!

Animating Blowing Smoke
Animating Blowing Smoke - Anime Studio Tutorial
21 December 2013LilredheadComics

From cigarettes to other... objects, creating a smoke effect in Anime Studio may be something you will want to do. This tutorial breaks down how to create a blowing smoke effect from drawing to keyframing the motion.

Recorded By: Jim Mills
Narrated By: Chad Troftgruben

Smoke Effect
Smoke Effect - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
26 August 2012MRjonbo1964

Using the particle layer in Anime Studio Pro 8 to create a smoke effect

Computer Diode Using Masks
Computer Diode Using Masks - Anime Studio 9 Tutorial
25 November 2012ShoNuff93

This is a quick tutorial on making a randomly rotating tech graphic for anime studio. Using a little masking, one keyframeand some random rotation you can create a pretty cool animation with little effort.

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