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Found 6 results for 2016

Vain Vulture
Vain Vulture
28 April 2016 jcb1023

little boy dancing for joy
little boy dancing for joy
10 January 2020 eskander1961

This is the animation of 2016 when I was fascinated by the Moho program
  I liked creating animations.
The anime studio file was converted to a Moho version,
although it retains a somewhat outdated bone structure.

15 October 2016 hekawai

This is part of the animation "Cranky Cowboy" for the October 2016 competition. If you liked this file, please vote on my animation entry. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Talking Tiger
Talking Tiger
23 January 2016 vokil

Hey guys,
This is my next Entry.
Enjoy it!


Vultureman No its a Vain Vulture Animation
Vultureman No its a Vain Vulture Animation
28 April 2016 sethfireburst

Hello!! This my animation for this contest!!

I take this contest to show my animation skills with this program, I admit I am not a professional, but it's a hobby I like to do in my spare time.

Also note that my animation style is different from the average for that manages to be more like traditional animation.

I hope you enjoy.

15 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.2
It uses 3D layers and the physics engine.
As Moho can only animate the physics on one layer, a 'nudge' is used on each layer at the correct time to give the illusion that the animation flows.
This file was shared to help with the Nov 2016 competition.

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