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Found 21 results for Mix of Cutout and Vector

Cutout Style
Cutout Style
5 December 2015 admin

Here are two ways to create a paper cutout (cut-out) effect in Anime Studio.

The first is with the layer shadow set to Offset: 0, Blur: 0, Expansion: 10 and the colour set to white and Alpha: 255.
This has then been placed within a group with a small shadow.

The second is with a white mask that is larger than the image.
This has also been placed within a group with a small shadow.

There is a third way, but you have less control, and it doesn't look as good:
File > Project Settings > Render Style > Layer Style > Cutout

Included is a version for Anime Studio Pro 9 and Anime Studio Pro 11.

Webster and Clay
Webster and Clay
27 May 2017 emdunwiddy

The Amazing Adventures of Webster and Clay.

This one popped into my head the other day while I was out cutting the grass. If the story feels a little under developed, it may be because I have a small yard.

Image Textures in Anime Studio Example
Image Textures in Anime Studio Example
11 May 2013 admin

This quick example file shows a few ways to use image textures with vector layers in Anime Studio

Starting at the top left and going clockwise:
1. This star has bones to manipulate its shape. Notice how the image texture bends and morphs.
2. The texture is moved and resized
. Only the stars points have been moved
4. The vector layer has been scaled and rotated
5. The layer has been moved and rotated

*The image texture is added as a style effect

Paper Airplane
Paper Airplane
7 July 2017 admin

A simple paper airplane controlled by two smart bones.
This uses just shapes in one vector layer.

Snake Creeping Movement v2
Snake Creeping Movement v2
15 April 2017 admin

This is an improved snake creeping by Víctor Paredes

The snake's head is in a separate vector layer with the Bone > Flexi-Bind Layer used.

A Day to Remember
A Day to Remember
30 October 2018 causeway

Took me five hours to put his hat on. Boy with broom in opening shot is me seeing how a vector retains its sharpness even when the image is zoomed out considerably.

3D Dice
3D Dice
11 September 2015 admin

Made using 2D vector layers in Anime Studio.

Brand New Bike Indian FTR 1200CC
Brand New Bike Indian FTR 1200CC
20 May 2019 deepakrana748

Fully vector Designed Bike

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween
30 September 2018 sketchysquirrel

This is one of the first times I have attempted to animate in Moho without vector graphics. I used a mesh for the face and eyes and drew the character. I think that the painterly look is quite cool.

Anime Complained Mom
Anime Complained Mom
16 June 2018 tranexxx

i would like to sharing any my project clips from 2015..
this clip is using vector motion & switch layers
enjoy. smile

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