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Star Rider
Star Rider
30 September 2020 simplsam

Having some fun with a proof-of-concept - bringing Blender Grease Pencil character and 3D assets into Moho and animating in Moho with Moho created 2D artwork. Inspired by the works of @dedouze.

The Lion The Priest and No Wardrobe
The Lion The Priest and No Wardrobe
13 May 2020 macdonut

4 Moho files created and joined using DaVinci Resolve. I was trying out Moho's inbuilt shading facility this month with varying success. Moho was really playing up during creating this month with many crashes. Very frustrating! I hope you enjoy the result.

Moho Title Animated
Moho Title Animated
19 August 2017 admin

Animated Moho title
Made in Moho Pro 12

Experiment of a Virtual World
Experiment of a Virtual World
19 June 2021 macdonut

It was interesting to see how much Moho could do in 3D for this little project. Whilst it is possible to import 3D .obj files into MOHO, I wanted to see if I could create everything within the program. My conclusion after creating this file is that 3D is best left to creating inside Blender, and MOHO is best left to 2D, although I can see some occasions whereby a little 3D could be combined with 2D to get some great results.

Robot walking
Robot walking
20 June 2018 edwber

Esta animaciĆ³n fue hecha en Moho 12, en mi canal de youtube subo videos de Moho 12:

Admin note: The original YouTube video has been removed by the user, so a new version has been uploaded. This version does not have the background photos as they were not shared.

Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
17 August 2016 admin

See how Elvis morphs into a lion!
Made in Moho Pro 12 using the new Smart Warp feature.

Zany Zebra
Zany Zebra
26 August 2016 mattchee

It's Zany Zebra time!!!

Audio credits:
Splat sound effect recorded by Mike Koenig, available through, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
"Move Your Body" licensed for use from
Forest sounds are public domain, available through

Roger vs Moho Robot
Roger vs Moho Robot
16 July 2021 skunkburger

I made a fun battle between the Moho Robot verses one of the greatest tennis players to ever live, Roger Frederer.
Sounds have come from: and

Codmw2 Arm RIG 3D
Codmw2 Arm RIG 3D
3 April 2024 lienicks

These Models are not made by Me. These are made by Activision, Infinity Ward, and more.
These Moho files are created for educational purposes.
To see the Capabilities and Potential of Moho in 3D and rigging etc.

To convince to add 3D Support in Moho. Who knows?

The majority of Effort goes to me. since I have to port this Texturing, Modeling, Rigging, and more.

Also the Rigged it's not perfect. because no 3D Support, Bones etc.

Also, I have some Typos. sorry for that.


Infinity Ward
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Software Used:

Blender 4.1
Moho 14.1

I hope you Enjoy!

Made By Lienicks.

Camping with my little Beetle
Camping with my little Beetle
30 April 2017 pwaikamp

Having so much fun going camping with my Beetle.
Animation with images in Moho 12.
Just trying to capture a relaxing atmosphere of camping in the mountains.

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