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Found 3 results for aliens

Octopus Outlaw Featuring Qman
Octopus Outlaw Featuring Qman
31 July 2015 walrusjuice

YouTube video no longer available: DC0_tSGYVDo

Snowman Saves the World
Snowman Saves the World
27 December 2017 erikniells

I usually do my transitions in Premiere, so it was interesting working out crossfades (I ended up using a short PNG output from the file to create the overlap). Lots of sound, mixed into a single file based on frame matching. Again, not my choice of ways to do sound but hey, the whole thing is exported from Moho! Hope you enjoy. This started as a quick sketch and turned into something longer and weirder.

The Mighty Dragon
The Mighty Dragon
24 May 2017 noobartistclub

Hey All, This is my first animation. In this video the mighty dragon saves the world from the terror of the aliens who are going to destroy the planet earth.
I hope you like it. Please vote if you think this entry should win.

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