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Found 5 results for april

30 April 2014 chris

Rock'n'Roll Ant - Antertainer
This is my entry for the April competition

Anubis Run
Anubis Run
1 May 2022 neetersguy

My unfinished entry for Anime Studio Tutor monthly competition April 2022. Just the character rig is included.

Vain Vulture
Vain Vulture
28 April 2016 jcb1023

Vultureman No its a Vain Vulture Animation
Vultureman No its a Vain Vulture Animation
28 April 2016 sethfireburst

Hello!! This my animation for this contest!!

I take this contest to show my animation skills with this program, I admit I am not a professional, but it's a hobby I like to do in my spare time.

Also note that my animation style is different from the average for that manages to be more like traditional animation.

I hope you enjoy.

AKM CodMW2022 3D Gun Model
AKM CodMW2022 3D Gun Model
16 April 2024 lienicks

AKM - (CodMW2022 3D Gun Model)

It's a 3D Gun Model in Moho. You can do Whatever You Want.

These Models are not Made nor Owned by Me.
These are Owned and Made by Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward.

These are Ported 3D Gun Models by Me.

Also Extract the ZIP File, or Problems.

The Majority of Effort goes to Me. I need to Port Models Texture Sounds and more. and I also need to also Texture and Modeling and more. and export 3D Models into Moho and Adjust Them!

Also Moho Please Add 3D Support!
This is meant to Bring Awareness on 3D in Moho!

We made 0 Dollars at all. and we made No Money At All.
This is a Passion Project!


D Gun Models Made By

Activision Blizzard
Infinity Ward

File Size 121 MB

Made By LieNicks

Made Date Tuesday, April 16 2024

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