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The Real 21st Century Pirates
The Real 21st Century Pirates
24 June 2017 awbill

Avast! Where is the money? There you will find the pirates! Freebooters, buccaneers, scalawags, marauders, thieves, blackguards!, where'd you get YOUR copy of Photoshop?!

Joe Snow
Joe Snow
21 December 2015 jahnocli

Looking at internet reference material, I was struck by how comical snowmen looked when surrounding mailboxes. Everything else just developed from that. Created the word balloon in an old copy of Xara Xtreme, which I also used to distort it for the inflation sequence.

Magnifying Glass Effect
Magnifying Glass Effect
16 November 2015 admin

This effect was made in Anime Studio Pro 11.1

The map is on the bottom layer, moving the magnifier will move a larger masked copy to give the effect.

Silly Bird
Silly Bird
25 March 2018 causeway

Fed up with setting up a whole bunch of layers for each "Bird" position. I made a separate file with all these layers on (But no drawings) and copy/pasted those layers every time I needed a new bird drawing.

Queen Snakes
Queen Snakes
22 September 2015 spider

I created one queen snake, made it follow the path, then referenced that layer 3 more times in copied groups to create the effect.
There is a snake skin brush which is called ast-snake-skin_1_0_0_1_1_0_0_1.png - you need to copy this to your custom brush folder in Anime Studio.

Symmetrical face
Symmetrical face
1 October 2015 admin

The left part was drawn first, then using a reference layer, the right side was created. (Flipped reference layer).
Although a mask was used to clean the shapes and lines, it would be possible to do this without a mask.
If points are changed on the left part of the face, the right side is updated automatically.

Waves with brushes
Waves with brushes
3 May 2013 admin

This wave scene was created by animating simple lines which had a wave brush style applied.

You will need to copy the wave brush to your brush folder.

Anime Studio Tutorial: Backgrounds With Brushes

Free Anime Studio Brushes

Slider Controls in Moho
Slider Controls in Moho
19 March 2018 admin

Here is one way to setup a slider control in Moho.

Use the manipulate bone tool (Z) to move the sliders.

Pros: slider control stays on the track, easy to animate with, looks good.
Cons: fiddly to setup, keypoints don't copy on the timeline, and hidden bones can get animated keyframes set.

The trick is to use a large bone to control the movement. This bone is then set as a shy bone and hidden.

Spatial Positioning Sound
Spatial Positioning Sound
7 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.1 - Even the 3D toy plane!
This example shows how you can control the sound position from within Moho.

The audio volume was changed to match the Z axis, but the left and right levels are automatically set by moving the audio layer left and right within the animation.

The 3D plane has a copy for the shadow, and both follow a path for the animation.

If you open the audio layer's properties window, and change to the Audio tab, you should find 'Spatial positioning' checked to enable this feature. Here you can also set and check the audio level.

Tractor using BoneWheels
Tractor using BoneWheels
5 December 2016 admin

Included is the script that made this animation possible: BoneWheels aka mk_trans_to_rotate.lua by Mike Kelley, I've also included two icons that you can use.

Script Copyright: Mike Kelley

--- How To Use BoneWheels ---
Copy the script and the icons to your custom tool folder (scripts / tool).
When the parent bone is moved with this tool, at any frame, even when not playing, then children named correctly [parent_number] will automatically rotate. For example, if the parent bone was named B1, then the child would be B1_1

Please watch Mike Kelley's video for a greater understanding on using his script:

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