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Found 5 results for falling

Falling Running Spiders
Falling Running Spiders
6 April 2017 admin

Created by Víctor Paredes

3 December 2020 eskander

In this test animation, I want to tell you how you can quickly make a rig for a car, which will spin the wheels by themselves because our car is self-propelled, self-jumping and self-falling.

[admin: Vimeo video removed as no longer available: 90277426]

21 December 2017 awbill

A happy snowman battles through the difficulty of losing his hat in a snow storm...will he find it in the heavy falling snow?! You will have to devote 29 seconds of your life to find out.

Twisting Images
Twisting Images
19 August 2016 admin

Bones can change raster images if you change the bones position after frame 0.
Here the images are simply moved over some bones to create this twisting effect.
This could be used for falling items (paper, money etc.), smoke, special effects etc.

Created using bones and images in Moho Pro 12
This can also be done in older versions of Anime Studio Pro

Walk Cycle The Plank
Walk Cycle The Plank
30 June 2018 causeway

Notice my Pirate disintegrates as he hits the water. All the separate pieces were Layer bound not Flexi.. I thought of fixing it but decided falling apart was quite fun. Am no good at walks. Notice how he minces in one shot, hobbles in another and strides in another,,, wouldn't think it was the same bloke. Oh well back to the drawing board. So many mistakes. Held the flash too long for a start.. Lots more animation needed (Octopus) but no time. Animating to a deadline is like sex. There is always that hurry at the end.

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