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Symmetrical face
Symmetrical face
1 October 2015 admin

The left part was drawn first, then using a reference layer, the right side was created. (Flipped reference layer).
Although a mask was used to clean the shapes and lines, it would be possible to do this without a mask.
If points are changed on the left part of the face, the right side is updated automatically.

30 October 2019 nacr

Halloween animation done for the contest, I' m learning Moho 12. So I animated the skull head like a bouncing ball and tried to use some masks as well.

Robot 3
Robot 3
31 August 2019 mattchee

Used Moho Pro 13, but had to select 12 as the version, because it was the highest in the drop down menu.

Files include Moho project files, images, audio, etc. Tried to include the Premier files where I comped it together with the audio, but it kept kicking back an error for the various file types included.

Audio Credits

lens zooming in and out.wav by Snapper4298

Calculating.wav by freedomfightervictor

and also just myself snapping my fingers.

Cutout Style
Cutout Style
5 December 2015 admin

Here are two ways to create a paper cutout (cut-out) effect in Anime Studio.

The first is with the layer shadow set to Offset: 0, Blur: 0, Expansion: 10 and the colour set to white and Alpha: 255.
This has then been placed within a group with a small shadow.

The second is with a white mask that is larger than the image.
This has also been placed within a group with a small shadow.

There is a third way, but you have less control, and it doesn't look as good:
File > Project Settings > Render Style > Layer Style > Cutout

Included is a version for Anime Studio Pro 9 and Anime Studio Pro 11.

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