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Graph Morph
Graph Morph
6 June 2017 admin

This is a quick example of morphing a pie chart into a graph chart in Moho Pro 12.
The points are moved on the timeline into the required shapes.

You could also use 3D layers to add depth:

Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
17 August 2016 admin

See how Elvis morphs into a lion!
Made in Moho Pro 12 using the new Smart Warp feature.

TShirt Clothes Warp
TShirt Clothes Warp
14 November 2017 admin

This example file uses the smart warp layer feature of Moho Pro 12 to morph the texture.
A grid was first drawn, then 'draw' > 'Triangulate 2D Mesh' was selected to create the suitable warp layer. This grid was then applied to the image layer via layer settings > Vectors > Smart warp layer. On frame 1, this grid was then moved to the curves of the t-shirt.
Masking and bones were also used.


30 June 2019 sketchysquirrel

A young bird decides that she would like to grow up to be a frog, as we all have at some stage in our lives.

Sounds from Music: YouTube Audio Library "Clover-3"

A big thank you to my voice actor, 3-year-old, Hazel.


"I've been looking at these tadpoles
they're so cute
I was thinking
they don't look anything like frogs
And I was thinking that I don't look anything like a frog
maybe I could be a frog as well
I can jump like a frog like this
Hop hop hop hop
I can croak like a frog
Croak Croak tweet tweet huh
I can eat like a frog
A la la la gulp
I would like to be a frog
or maybe a butterfly"

I have turned off the masking for the watercolour effect so it doesn't affect the viewport.

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