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Note follower
Note follower
4 December 2015 admin

This is a simple setup that has an image of a guitar follow a path with notes following.
This could be done with particles, but doing it this was is quick and easy.
A version for Anime Studio 9 is also included.

Queen Snakes
Queen Snakes
22 September 2015 spider

I created one queen snake, made it follow the path, then referenced that layer 3 more times in copied groups to create the effect.
There is a snake skin brush which is called ast-snake-skin_1_0_0_1_1_0_0_1.png - you need to copy this to your custom brush folder in Anime Studio.

Goldfish in bowl
Goldfish in bowl
5 November 2017 admin

This was created with smart warp layers and the follow path tool in Moho Pro 12.

For more information on how this was created, please see this tutorial by Víctor Paredes:
Smart Warp And Follow Path Tutorial

Snake Creeping Movement
Snake Creeping Movement
15 April 2017 admin

Created by Víctor Paredes

Create several horizontal bones. then in frame one rotate them to create the path. The snake layer (a vector layer inside the bone layer) must be moved from one extreme of the bone chain to the other. The body has to have several points to move smoothly.

Packman Reveal
Packman Reveal
6 June 2018 admin

Animated Lines
Animated Lines
13 April 2017 admin

There are several ways to achieve a line following animation effect. Here is one idea.

This was in an attempt to help nina_paley on the lostmarble forum

This method is probably not the best one, and a script would help. But it's easy to setup and adapt.

Spatial Positioning Sound
Spatial Positioning Sound
7 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.1 - Even the 3D toy plane!
This example shows how you can control the sound position from within Moho.

The audio volume was changed to match the Z axis, but the left and right levels are automatically set by moving the audio layer left and right within the animation.

The 3D plane has a copy for the shadow, and both follow a path for the animation.

If you open the audio layer's properties window, and change to the Audio tab, you should find 'Spatial positioning' checked to enable this feature. Here you can also set and check the audio level.

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