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Gears Using Physics
Gears Using Physics
3 May 2013 admin

These gears are moved using the physics engine.

Anime Studio Tutorial: Animating Gears With Physics

Pump powered by physics
Pump powered by physics
6 June 2013 admin

The main wheel is rotated with the physics engine which then moves the other parts.

Tutorial: Moving A Pump With Physics

Bouncing rope with physics
Bouncing rope with physics
27 June 2017 admin

All the layers are in a group with the physics option on.
The bone layer has 'Pivot on origin' selected in its physics settings.
Using the 'Bone Physics' tool whilst on frame 0, and with the bone layer selected, select the last bone in the chain, then select 'lock tip' from the top menu.

15 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.2
It uses 3D layers and the physics engine.
As Moho can only animate the physics on one layer, a 'nudge' is used on each layer at the correct time to give the illusion that the animation flows.
This file was shared to help with the Nov 2016 competition.

8 January 2018 admin

Simple bingo setup using physics.

Snow Gathering Effect
Snow Gathering Effect
14 October 2017 admin

The snow gradually gathers on the window.
Created using particles and physics in Moho Pro 12.

Notes: The window is divided into four. Each contains snow shapes that fall with physics, a control layer to stop them bouncing, the ledge to gather them on and a bottom layer to stop strays.

There are also two snow particles layers to add to the effect.

Wind Power
Wind Power
21 April 2016 admin

An effect that looks like wind using the physics engine in Anime Studio.
It uses a layer that has a force field effect applied which is turned up during the animation.

Mechanical Movement
Mechanical Movement
16 February 2015 admin

Three layers, all in physics group.
Anime Studio moves the slider with the power of the motor!

Worm in Acid
Worm in Acid
19 April 2016 admin

The animation was done automatically by Anime Studio's physics engine.
The worm was just dropped into the 'acid/water' and the program did the rest.
The worm is in a bone layer, and the water uses the force field setting.
(No real worms were harmed in the making of this)

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