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3D Dice
3D Dice
11 September 2015 admin

Made using 2D vector layers in Anime Studio.

30 November 2016 causeway

Fireworks Fractals and Mandelbrot
Fireworks Fractals and Mandelbrot
24 November 2017 awbill

Playing with fire, patriotism, evil mathematicians – and explosions! This is you one stop shopping center for all that stuff. Enjoy "Fireworks, Fractals and Mandelbrot."

The King of the Castle
The King of the Castle
18 May 2019 macdonut

I was playing about with bones and head turns to create this animation. Everything, apart from the sound, is created within MOHO 12.

Bouncing Ball Testing Facility
Bouncing Ball Testing Facility
28 October 2016 thedirector

I may have gone alittle over the top on this one considering it says back to basics, but I think it will get a laugh. The file is set into 4 seperate scenes the camera animation is only for Scene 3 to 4 because I animated each at frame 0. The file is quite large with a lot going on. I created 3/4 of the opening city in CorelDraw with A documentary of Tex Avery playing in the background and got a better idea for my ending. I hope you enjoy. The music is included as separate files but I was abit stressed for time so simple loops were created some sound effects (not included)

The Snowman
The Snowman
31 December 2017 spidamation

I wish I could find more time but I found out about this competition on the 15th of December 2017. To come up with a story; to build the characters, B.Gs and to relearn anime studio it took me a week and 2 days.

For the remaining days, I had a rush time for animation, I had to cut the story short and implement new story ideas to make this version of the story but will finish the full original version of the short.

Please Enjoy!


The hand Images are rendered from a hand pack I had purchased from Cartoon Solutions, they fall under the Cartoon Solutions Character Pack/Backgrounds/props/Animated EFX User Agreement. Thank you!

Tractor using BoneWheels
Tractor using BoneWheels
5 December 2016 admin

Included is the script that made this animation possible: BoneWheels aka mk_trans_to_rotate.lua by Mike Kelley, I've also included two icons that you can use.

Script Copyright: Mike Kelley

--- How To Use BoneWheels ---
Copy the script and the icons to your custom tool folder (scripts / tool).
When the parent bone is moved with this tool, at any frame, even when not playing, then children named correctly [parent_number] will automatically rotate. For example, if the parent bone was named B1, then the child would be B1_1

Please watch Mike Kelley's video for a greater understanding on using his script:

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