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Cells little seaside adventure
Cells little seaside adventure
30 April 2018 jonnybenny

This little creature called Cell is exploring the seaside, enjoy watching.

The creature itself is inspired by a sea-spike's skull as I found them quite interesting. they come in beautiful colors, from green to pink, and are both fragile, but also strong, as they are hollow. I had some fun stacking real Sea-spike-skulls on top of each other... until I accidentaly crushed one. Then I had none to play with anymore and made a little animation in it's memory instead.

This is my first ever entry to this Moho-competition and I hope I have done everything correctly.


Seashore Land Ho
Seashore Land Ho
21 April 2018 aaaaaa12

Crab on the seashore

31 December 2017 schebscheb

I wanted to try something different.

Admin note: The original Youtube video no longer works (ID: gKRFv8twmm4) so I've rendered and uploaded a new version.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea
27 November 2015 admin

Made in Anime Studio Pro 11 using particle and vector layers.
This is version 1, the waves aren't right at the moment, but they do kind of give the impression of moving water.
Please comment/share if you know of a better way to animate the waves.

Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings
31 December 2014 chris

Season's Greetings card with particle snow effect

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