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Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
17 August 2016 admin

See how Elvis morphs into a lion!
Made in Moho Pro 12 using the new Smart Warp feature.

Layer Sorting With Smart Bones
Layer Sorting With Smart Bones
1 August 2013 admin

*Anime Studio 9.2+ required.

As we can't yet use the 'Animated Layer Order' with smart bones, the work around is to control the layers with their Z-axis setting. In the two examples provided you will see how one smart bone moves a layer to the back or front.

The setup:
Frame 0 of the Mainline in the smart bone action (X: +0.001)
Frame 1 in the positive action of the smart bone for the layer that you need to control. (X: +0.001)
Frame 1 in the reverse action (X: -0.001)

Animated Butterfly
Animated Butterfly
10 June 2013 admin

A simple butterfly rig using smart bones.

One smart bone controls the wings, the other the antennae.

An example is included of how this could be used in a particle layer to create lots of butterflies quickly.

You will need Anime Studio Pro 9.2 to use this file

Cat Rig
Cat Rig
6 August 2013 admin

This file has been shared by Jeremy from A Man & Ink it was animated by Julian Côme from ithinkasia.

It uses smart bones for different elements in the rig.

The script used lets us parent smart bones to each other to get the effects to work between different smart bone layers.

This is a video of Peavoy (director) explaining their rigging to Julien

Goldfish in bowl
Goldfish in bowl
5 November 2017 admin

This was created with smart warp layers and the follow path tool in Moho Pro 12.

For more information on how this was created, please see this tutorial by Víctor Paredes:
Smart Warp And Follow Path Tutorial

3D Buildings Effect
3D Buildings Effect
17 July 2013 admin

Using smart bones, you can rotate the buildings slightly to give the effect of depth / 3D. In the animation the camera is also moved.

Bouncing Egg
Bouncing Egg
3 November 2016 admin

Created with Moho Pro 12
The shadow follows and resizes automatically thanks to smart bones.

20 February 2014 admin

Simple excavator animation using smart bones

3D Eye Setup
3D Eye Setup
24 February 2018 admin

Inspired by Chuck Kenway 3D eye in Moho:

The eyes are created in a 3D layer and controlled by smart bones.

Note: The control target bone has two hidden bones. These hidden bones are smart bones that control the X and Y of the eyes. To view these bones go to Bones > Show All Bones

Animated Audio Bars
Animated Audio Bars
25 June 2017 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12
Each audio track was imported into Moho individually.
Each track is then given a smart bone that is controlled by the audio wiggle script.
The smart bone is linked to a 3D layer that makes the bar's 3D thickness (style>advanced) larger (which make it look longer).
This script turns the smart bone based on the volume of the track.

Music: Cutter by ETBlue

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