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Little Elephant
Little Elephant
31 August 2014 coreanime

I didn't have enough time to finish it.I just worked a little time.

Little Monster Time Warp Sam is that you
Little Monster Time Warp Sam is that you
15 July 2018 aaaaaa12

Cross-Dimensional Alien time-warped from space a clone of itself of comic proportions a threat as the sperm of the moment as a parody of space alien b tv series today go

Lazy snake
Lazy snake
30 September 2015 john911

Hi guys; a little animation, I haven't had time to do everything correctly, but I hope there will be real voters this time !happy

Heads Up
Heads Up
5 October 2017 emdunwiddy

Halloween is a spooky time of year, and that makes it the perfect time for the Wisecracking Car that Solves Mysteries! The Wisecracking Car that Solves Mysteries and his friends have plenty of experience with spooky monster types who try to scare townsfolk and do pollution. Join us now for the exciting conclusion of a special Halloween episode.

Singing and Sleepy Squirrels
Singing and Sleepy Squirrels
24 November 2015 leomedd

Everything you see is done inside Anime Studio Pro 9.5. This could be a 2nd chapter of my first entry.
I did all this animation in three days and all the music, voices and performances was done by me in my music studio.time
Sometimes I use a few more softwares for 3D and compositing and color grading, this time I did everything in ASP and it was so easy put all things togheter. I Hope you Enjoy it!

You can view part one here

Una Pesadilla de una Pinata
Una Pesadilla de una Pinata
31 May 2022 babybluebrush

An animation I made for's Montly challenge.

Website (compeptition):



Sorry for no music: ran out of time. I hope to have some next time!

Enjoy. I had a blast making, mostly.

Mikies Dreamland
Mikies Dreamland
18 July 2022 macdonut

I never seem to stick with my storyboard and always go off on a tangent once I start creating. I particularly enjoyed creating this animation and in particular, enjoyed using Smart Warp on the Giraffe & Boy image. Images were sourced from Pixabay (always a great place to find free to use images) and music is from Youtube Audio Library (a great place for free to use music and audio sounds). The boy in the bed uses bones and Actions, but has no skeleton. I think this is the first time I have tried this. I still learn from every animation I create.

Sea Life    Octopus and Guitar
Sea Life Octopus and Guitar
7 August 2022 macdonut

The rendering of this animation was painfully slow, during which time I noticed a few things, which in hindsight, I could have done to make this look better. I thought of a better way to rig the octopus's tentacles and also a better method of using particle effects to create the schools of fish. However, a good few lessons learnt whilst making this animation, which is always good. I used Bone Audio Wiggle to make the octopus's tentacles move in time to the music on the guitar, and the particle generator to create all the fishes from one fish.

Angry Gorilla
Angry Gorilla
31 October 2014 coreanime

I had no time to add some sounds, I was too busy. But I will do it again in youtube channel soon.

The Snowman
The Snowman
31 December 2017 spidamation

I wish I could find more time but I found out about this competition on the 15th of December 2017. To come up with a story; to build the characters, B.Gs and to relearn anime studio it took me a week and 2 days.

For the remaining days, I had a rush time for animation, I had to cut the story short and implement new story ideas to make this version of the story but will finish the full original version of the short.

Please Enjoy!


The hand Images are rendered from a hand pack I had purchased from Cartoon Solutions, they fall under the Cartoon Solutions Character Pack/Backgrounds/props/Animated EFX User Agreement. Thank you!

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