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Looping Rings
Looping Rings
17 August 2017 admin

Made with Moho Pro 12
The loops are created by setting the line's 'Stroke Exposure'

The timing was worked out with the Loop Calculator

A Snowman Christmas Card
A Snowman Christmas Card
23 December 2015 bigfoot

As a beginning animator, I had fun doing this short animation. smile The lip sync for the snowmen was pretty involved as the four part singing was done separately so each of the parts had a little different timing. So each part had to be lip synced separately. I guess you would not expect the snowmen to sing in perfect timing, LOL. Silent night was a first attempt of me and my daughter to sing 4 part harmony. She sang two parts and I sang two parts. Learned a lot in the process. Used bone angle targeting for the first time.

Rock Music used
"Ready Aim Fire"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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