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Under the Sea
Under the Sea
27 November 2015 admin

Made in Anime Studio Pro 11 using particle and vector layers.
This is version 1, the waves aren't right at the moment, but they do kind of give the impression of moving water.
Please comment/share if you know of a better way to animate the waves.

Waves with brushes
Waves with brushes
3 May 2013 admin

This wave scene was created by animating simple lines which had a wave brush style applied.

You will need to copy the wave brush to your brush folder.

Anime Studio Tutorial: Backgrounds With Brushes

Free Anime Studio Brushes

Old man on the sea
Old man on the sea
11 July 2020 farah98

Hello , this is my first participate in this competition and this is my second short movie hope you love it and vote for me please smile

Smoke Effect
Smoke Effect
16 June 2015 admin

Created by chunyang
Two particle layers with different masks create the effect.

Water Effect
Water Effect
15 April 2017 admin

Created by elbramtsol
This effect is created using bones and masks.
The waves are looped layers moving left to right, but the height and movement are affected by the the dynamic movements of the glass.

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