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Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel
17 February 2014 admin

Animated Ferris wheel using bones in Anime Studio.

Updated: 19/02/2018
Moho Pro 12 version included in download

Pump powered by physics
Pump powered by physics
6 June 2013 admin

The main wheel is rotated with the physics engine which then moves the other parts.

Tutorial: Moving A Pump With Physics

A little different take on a Cranky Cowboy
A little different take on a Cranky Cowboy
20 September 2016 bigfoot

Took way longer than planned [isn't it always like that?] I hope you enjoy.

Wagon Wheel and Anamalie
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Tractor using BoneWheels
Tractor using BoneWheels
5 December 2016 admin

Included is the script that made this animation possible: BoneWheels aka mk_trans_to_rotate.lua by Mike Kelley, I've also included two icons that you can use.

Script Copyright: Mike Kelley

--- How To Use BoneWheels ---
Copy the script and the icons to your custom tool folder (scripts / tool).
When the parent bone is moved with this tool, at any frame, even when not playing, then children named correctly [parent_number] will automatically rotate. For example, if the parent bone was named B1, then the child would be B1_1

Please watch Mike Kelley's video for a greater understanding on using his script:

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