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On a Grand Expedition with Webster and Clay
On a Grand Expedition with Webster and Clay

On the fog shrouded streets of old London town, a madman is on the loose! Only one detective is brilliant enough to stop him. Fortunately, that detective is neither Webster nor Clay, because they are on a jaunt on the other side of the ocean. Join Webster and Clay as they travel the countryside looking for adventure!

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 14 September 2017
  • Made With: Anime Studio Pro 9.1
  • Last Updated: 14 September 2017
  • File Size: 3MB
  • Number of files: 28
    File Name Type File Size
    icon ep6_sc00.anmeAnime Studio File622KB
    icon ep6_sc01.anmeAnime Studio File2MB
    icon ep6_sc02.anmeAnime Studio File2MB
    icon ep6_sc03.anmeAnime Studio File2MB
    icon ep6_sc04.anmeAnime Studio File2MB
    icon ep6_sc05.anmeAnime Studio File4MB
    icon clay2.jpgImage248KB
    icon parchment.jpgImage60KB
    icon webster2.jpgImage21KB
    icon spider.mp3Audio1MB
    icon clay_arm.pngPNG Image13KB
    icon clay_body.pngPNG Image32KB
    icon clay_head.pngPNG Image12KB
    icon clay_head_ahh.pngPNG Image12KB
    icon clay_head_mmm.pngPNG Image12KB
    icon clay_head_ohh.pngPNG Image12KB
    icon clay_leg.pngPNG Image19KB
    icon clay_leg2.pngPNG Image21KB
    icon dog_body.pngPNG Image332KB
    icon dog_head.pngPNG Image58KB
    icon webster_arm.pngPNG Image25KB
    icon webster_body.pngPNG Image96KB
    icon webster_head.pngPNG Image22KB
    icon webster_head_ahh.pngPNG Image22KB
    icon webster_head_mmm.pngPNG Image21KB
    icon webster_head_ohh.pngPNG Image22KB
    icon webster_leg.pngPNG Image46KB
    icon webster_leg2.pngPNG Image50KB
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
Competition Time!
This shared file was entered into the 'Spider' competition and came second!
Voting ended on the 31st October 2017.
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