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Snowman comes for you
Snowman comes for you

Never bully a Snowman, or you may find some unexpected guess coming for you ... smile

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 21 December 2017
  • Made With: Moho Pro 12
  • Last Updated: 21 December 2017
  • File Size: 8MB
  • Number of files: 98
    File Name Type File Size
    folder SUBMITTEDsnowman-master2015hp:
      icon Bill of Materials.txtText2KB
      icon SUBMITTEDsnowman-master2015hp.mohoMoho File557KB
      folder Audio:
        icon funny.mp3Audio1MB
        icon hooray-for-christmas_G1v72Sru.mp3Audio2MB
        icon horrorx.mp3Audio2MB
        icon laugh.mp3Audio127KB
        icon merrychrist.mp3Audio162KB
      folder Images:
        icon ARGG.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon Group 1.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon Layer 22.pngPNG Image197KB
        icon Layer 23.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon Layer 70.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon WALL.pngPNG Image11KB
        icon a_0000_snowman.pngPNG Image12KB
        icon a_0001_bd.pngPNG Image12KB
        icon a_0002_bdd.pngPNG Image17KB
        icon a_0003_snow4.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon a_0004_snow3.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon a_0005_snow2.pngPNG Image9KB
        icon a_0006_snow1.pngPNG Image6KB
        icon a_0007_tree-copy.pngPNG Image56KB
        icon a_0008_Layer-21.pngPNG Image20KB
        icon a_0009_star.pngPNG Image31KB
        icon a_0011_cloud.pngPNG Image11KB
        icon a_0012_grnd.pngPNG Image42KB
        icon a_0013_mt2.pngPNG Image80KB
        icon a_0014_mtain.pngPNG Image68KB
        icon a_0015_sky.pngPNG Image197KB
        icon ad.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon ar.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon ar_1.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon as.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon as2.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon as_1.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon as_2.pngPNG Image6KB
        icon as_3.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon as_4.pngPNG Image12KB
        icon as_5.pngPNG Image11KB
        icon bag.pngPNG Image2KB
        icon bd.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon bd_1.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon bd_2.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon bd_3.pngPNG Image9KB
        icon bd_4.pngPNG Image10KB
        icon bdy.pngPNG Image24KB
        icon bdy_1.pngPNG Image23KB
        icon bdy_2.pngPNG Image10KB
        icon bg.pngPNG Image239KB
        icon car.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon cd2.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon cd2_1.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon cloud.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon day.pngPNG Image99KB
        icon ds.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon face.pngPNG Image2KB
        icon glass.pngPNG Image241KB
        icon grnd.pngPNG Image13KB
        icon hand.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon head.pngPNG Image15KB
        icon head2.pngPNG Image8KB
        icon head3.pngPNG Image9KB
        icon head_1.pngPNG Image15KB
        icon head_2.pngPNG Image13KB
        icon head_3.pngPNG Image12KB
        icon head_4.pngPNG Image6KB
        icon head_5.pngPNG Image8KB
        icon head_6.pngPNG Image36KB
        icon head_7.pngPNG Image53KB
        icon house.pngPNG Image19KB
        icon logo.pngPNG Image50KB
        icon moon.pngPNG Image13KB
        icon mt.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon mt_1.pngPNG Image6KB
        icon nt.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon pen.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon pilow.pngPNG Image20KB
        icon room.pngPNG Image25KB
        icon sd.pngPNG Image7KB
        icon ses.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon snow.pngPNG Image19KB
        icon ss.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon ss_1.pngPNG Image6KB
        icon sta.pngPNG Image2KB
        icon star.pngPNG Image14KB
        icon th.pngPNG Image2KB
        icon tl.pngPNG Image1KB
        icon tr.pngPNG Image1KB
        icon tree copy 2.pngPNG Image25KB
        icon tree.pngPNG Image21KB
        icon tt.pngPNG Image2KB
        icon ud.pngPNG Image4KB
        icon w1.pngPNG Image23KB
        icon w2.pngPNG Image23KB
        icon wood base.pngPNG Image5KB
        icon wooden.pngPNG Image1KB
        icon x.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon zs.pngPNG Image3KB
        icon zs_1.pngPNG Image4KB
  • Licence: cuongeke1 retains full copyright.
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This shared file was entered into the 'The Snowman' competition
Voting ended on the 31st January 2018.
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