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Snowmen Snowfight
Snowmen Snowfight

Snowmen Snowfight! Anime Studio 11.2. Virtually all of the animation is a single file of about 2000 frames. At the end it come to be just too big so I had to add the sound files in an external app. Hope you'll like it.

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 31 December 2017
  • Made With: Anime Studio Pro 11.2
  • Last Updated: 31 December 2017
  • File Size: 19MB
  • Number of files: 26
    File Name Type File Size
    folder Snowmen 012 040:
      icon Bill of Materials.txtText388B
      icon Snowmen 011 sc01 a .animeAnime Studio File524KB
      icon Snowmen 011 sc01 b .animeAnime Studio File879KB
      icon Snowmen 012 038.animeAnime Studio File2MB
      icon Snowmen 012 039.animeAnime Studio File2MB
      icon Snowmen 012 040.animeAnime Studio File6MB
      icon Snowmen 012 041.animeAnime Studio File2MB
      icon Snowmen 012 041.mp4mp43MB
      icon Snowmen 012 intermediate scene.animeAnime Studio File870KB
      icon dustyroom_cartoon_swipe_high_pitched.mp3Audio3KB
      icon dustyroom_cartoon_swipe_med_pitch.mp3Audio3KB
      icon foley_footstep_in_icy_snow.mp3Audio12KB
      icon human_footstep_hard_snow_ice_005.mp3Audio15KB
      icon human_footstep_snow_001.mp3Audio10KB
      icon human_footstep_snow_004.mp3Audio16KB
      icon human_footstep_snow_005.mp3Audio15KB
      icon human_footstep_snow_006.mp3Audio12KB
      icon human_footstep_snow_007.mp3Audio20KB
      icon impact_snowball_hit_wall.mp3Audio6KB
      icon Jingle Bells 3.mp3Audio4MB
      icon julien_matthey_impact_snowball_on_cement_001.mp3Audio17KB
      icon julien_matthey_impact_snowball_on_cement_002.mp3Audio10KB
      icon julien_matthey_impact_snowball_on_cement_003.mp3Audio21KB
      icon kevin_boucher_foley_footsteps_crunchy_snow.mp3Audio872KB
      folder Images:
        icon snowman_logo.pngPNG Image49KB
      folder Scripts:
        icon hm_switch-layer-bone-control.luaMoho Script10KB
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
Competition Time!
This shared file was entered into the 'The Snowman' competition and won!
Voting ended on the 31st January 2018.
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