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Cats the Explorers
Cats the Explorers

Not finished but you might as well see it. First use of a dissolve. Animation needs a lot of concentration. A Godsend at this moment in my life.

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 30 August 2018
  • Made With: Moho Pro 12
  • Last Updated: 30 August 2018
  • File Size: 3MB
  • Number of files: 24
    File Name Type File Size
    folder Cats WIP:
      icon 7 Sphinx2 - Frame 0.jpgImage94KB
      icon 7 Sphinxs 3 - Frame 54.jpgImage155KB
      icon Cats Cover Pic.jpgImage49KB
      icon 1 Cats Opening.mohoMoho File364KB
      icon 10 Closing Wall.mohoMoho File164KB
      icon 10 Closing Wall_1.mohoMoho File52KB
      icon 11 Dedication.mohoMoho File72KB
      icon 11 Dedication2.mohoMoho File61KB
      icon 3 Man turns2.mohoMoho File198KB
      icon 3 Man turns3.mohoMoho File216KB
      icon 4 Start Walk 2.mohoMoho File128KB
      icon 4 Start Walk B.mohoMoho File107KB
      icon 5 Cats Door Opens 2.mohoMoho File64KB
      icon 5 Cats Door Opens.mohoMoho File66KB
      icon 6 Cat Looks 2.mohoMoho File18KB
      icon 6 Cat Looks.mohoMoho File48KB
      icon 7 Sphinx2.mohoMoho File278KB
      icon 7 Sphinxs 3.mohoMoho File277KB
      icon 8 Scared.mohoMoho File103KB
      icon 9 Runs inside.mohoMoho File81KB
      icon Black.mohoMoho File7KB
      icon Cat Rig2.mohoMoho File43KB
      icon Cats WIP.mohoMoho File275KB
      icon Bill of Materials.txtText204B
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
Competition Time!
This shared file was entered into the 'Cats' competition and came third!
Voting ended on the 30th September 2018.
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