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  • Fruit Whiteboard Style
    Fruit Whiteboard... Fruit Whiteboard Style
    Anime Studio Pro 10.1
    Anime Studio can make very nice whiteboard style animations for use in presentations.

    Download this file for free during October 2014 to see how easy it is.

    The effect is done simply with the stroke exposure tool.
  • Pseudo 3D Room
    Pseudo 3D Room Pseudo 3D Room
    Anime Studio Pro 10.1
    This scene was created using only vector layers and bones - i.e. no real 3D objects or layers!

    Made with Anime Studio Pro 10.1

    There are lots of ways to create scenes in Anime Studio. I've created 3D scenes before, but this time I wanted to try something different.

    Warning - It's very limited in movement, but I thought it was interesting to test this idea out, and you may be able to use this technique in your own animations.

    All the bones are linked to a master bone, which is controlled by the main bone to the right of the scene. You can move and animate this bone to see how it fairs.
    You can move the main bone around within the marked yellow area - things start to go a little strange outside this area!
  • Time Lapse Clock
    Time Lapse Clock Time Lapse Clock
    Anime Studio Pro 9.5
    Made 100% in Anime Studio Pro 9.5

    Easily control the time with one bone.

    Change the colour with a switch layer.

    Change the speed by moving the keyframe points.