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  • Amazing Spirals
    Amazing Spirals Amazing Spirals
    Anime Studio Pro 11.2
    Special Effects
    Made in Anime Studio Pro 11
    Use this file to create your own spirals.
    Change the shapes, points, colours and animation to create unlimited variations.
  • Magnets
    Magnets Magnets
    Anime Studio Pro 11.2
    Special Effects
    Playing with physics can be fun!
    Although Anime Studio Pro 11 doesn't currently have a magnet feature in its physics settings, this is one way to create a magnet effect.
    For sale here is an Anime Studio object that you can import into your own setups to give you this great feature. You can use more than one, and change the magnet image with ease.
  • Fuzzy Felt Fun
    Fuzzy Felt Fun Fuzzy Felt Fun
    Anime Studio Pro 11
    Special Effects
    Copy the group layer with the shape, number or character in, then move the group layer to where you need it.

    -12 Colours

    This setup works well for single frame renders – think greetings cards, posters etc. But could also be used for animation (not yet tested fully)
  • Barrier Grid Animation
    Barrier Grid... Barrier Grid Animation
    Anime Studio Pro 11
    Special Effects
    Barrier-grid animation (also known as "picket fence" animation) and often referred to by the genericized trademark Scanimation, is an animation effect created by moving a striped acetate overlay across an interlaced image.

    Three examples made using Anime Studio Pro 11

    Using any desktop publishing program, import the illusion images and print onto plain paper.
    Insure you use the same scale, and import and print the grid lines onto clear acetate.
    Move the acetate paper over the illusions to start the animations.