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Layer Blending Effects

Layer Blending Effects


Tutorial Number: 329
Made with: Anime Studio Pro 11.2
Level: Intermediate

In this tutorial you will see how easy it is to use the layer blending modes in Anime Studio to change the colour of your animations.

Normally these effects would be added to your rendered videos in a video editor. But knowing how to do it in Anime Studio may come in handy.

This effect can be added to the whole video or you could use it in isolation.

1. Download and Unzip

For your convenience, a selection of effects have been saved into one Anime Studio file that you can import when needed. This file is called blends.anime and was created in Anime Studio Pro 11.2

Start by downloading the supporting document below.

Unzip the contents to a folder on your computer.

2. Import The Effect

Open your Anime Studio scene/project and import the required effect from blends.anime

For now, import the B&W effect:

File > Import > Anime Studio Object... Select the B&W layer and click 'OK'

Select B&W
FIGURE 2-1 Select B&W

3. Resize Effect Layer

Resize the new imported B&W vector layer so that it covers all of your scene.

4. Render

At this point you can simply render your scene and see the result...
File > Preview
Before and after the effect
FIGURE 4-1 Before and after the effect

If you look at the B&W layer settings, you will see that the layer blending mode is set to saturation.
Select 'saturation' in the layer blending mode
FIGURE 4-2 Select 'saturation' in the layer blending mode

5. Other Effects

You can have more than one layer with its blending mode set.
You can also apply a colour to the vector shape on the effect layer.
Changing the effect layer's transparency will change the intensity of the blend.
You will see that in red, yellow, blue and green groups of blends.anime file, there are 50% and 25% transparency versions to play with.

Change the colour for different effects
FIGURE 5-1 Change the colour for different effects

In the following image you can see some of the possible combinations.. top left is B&W + Blue at 25% transparency.
Different blending effects
FIGURE 5-2 Different blending effects


Anime Studio ships with three layer effects that would work well with these blend modes:
File > Import > Effects > Camera Effects > Select from Scratches (animated), Sepia and Vignette

Here is an example with B&W, vignette and scratches applied.
All the effects together
FIGURE 5-3 All the effects together

To add to the old look effect, the project also has noise gain added:
File > Project Settings.. > Set the noise gain.
Set the noise gain to 60
FIGURE 5-4 Set the noise gain to 60

This is how the blending modes work in Anime Studio:
Blending Modes
FIGURE 5-5 Blending Modes

The blending modes in Anime Studio are very much like those used in GIMP - You can read more about GIMP's blending modes here

Supporting Content

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Last updated: 8 Feb 2016 13:00:02
Made with: Anime Studio Pro 11.2
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