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  • Vulture and fast food

    30 April 2016 at 02:03:24 AM
    soon update the entry. I had some problems.

    Thanks for your comment.
  • Vulture and fast food

    4 April 2016 at 05:27:35 PM
    @leomedd I had a problem with that. volvere up my work again, this time with the video properly.
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How to make pixel art (sprites) in anime studio
How to make pixel art (sprites) in anime studio - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 November 2016

So this is very new to me as too, but I wanted to learn how to make sprite animations. It was really easy to figure out how to recreate sprites looking characters in Anime Studio with the grid tool as well as finding good source materials on the web.

This tutorial goes over recreating sprites that you've found on the web but you can also use this to create your own pixel art characters and backgrounds.

I'll probably end up making another tutorial on this when I've gotten it down a little better but this should help you get started anyway.

The small cartoon clips are just fan animations I made for a YouTuber named Dashiexp. He's a YouTuber that does comedy sketches and gameplays. I think he's hilarious and since he plays old school games, he was the perfect subject matter to see if I could make a pixel art cartoon.

You can check out his game channel here!