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Helpful Moho Websites

  1. - Unofficial Russian Moho (Anime Studio) Forum (Google Translate)
  2. Animators Forum - The Unofficial Moho (Anime Studio) Forum
  4. Cartoons1o1 - Royalty-free Moho characters designed by Gary Woods
  5. Cartoonsolutions - Props, characters and backgrounds for sale
  6. Creating Characters For Animation In Anime Studio 6 Debut & Pro [PDF BOOK]
  7. Deviantart - AnimeStudio-Welcome
  8. Deviantart - Moho-Users-Unite
  9. DK Toons
  10. - Chad's Anime Studio Tutorials
  11. Mark Bremmer Creative
  12. Moho (Anime Studio) Links - Another list of helpful links for Moho (Anime Studio)
  13. - Unofficial Chinese Anime Studio Forum (Google Translate)
  14. Lost AS Tools (AKA Ramón López) - A set of helpful tools that can be installed into Anime Studio
  15. Rylander Animation (AKA rylleman)- Anime Studio Scripts
  16. - Royalty-free Moho (Anime Studio) Characters & Content Packs.
  17. Toonfiles - Vector based props, backgrounds and characters for education, business and entertainment.
  18. Vimeo - Made with Moho (Anime Studio) videos

Lua Scripting Moho Websites

  1. Smith Micro Moho scripting reference - Produced and hosted by
  2. Moho Scripting - The unofficial Online Scripting Documentation
  3. Moho (Anime Studio) Scripts - Lists extension scripts for Moho (Anime Studio) [15/03/2018 Not working]
  4. Scripts from A. Evseeva - AE_Keytools, AE_MixSmartbones, AE_TransformPoints and Curvature, Multilayer Magnet, Layer Selector, AE_TransformBone, Select Keyed, Triangulate Shapes.

Productions made using Moho


Films made with Moho

Please view: Films made with Moho (Anime Studio)

  1. La Reine Soleil (2007) - Belokan Productions (Belgium | France | Hungary) Making of video
  2. To the Top of the world - (2008) - Cine-Clube de Avanca (Czech Republic)
  3. Technotise - Edit & I (2009) - (Serbia) Making of video
  4. Eve of October OVA1 - (2011) - Studio Mars (USA) Rig Tutorial
  5. L'arte della felicità (2013) - (Italy)
  6. Song of the Sea (2014) - Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
  7. Eve of October: Sol Trinity (2014) - Studio Mars (USA)
  8. The Breadwinner (2017) - Cartoon Saloon (Ireland) Cut-out Process

TV Series

Please view: TV Series made with Moho (Anime Studio)

  1. Me myself and the others (2007) - Motionworks (Germany)
  2. Cluckie The Vampire Chicken (2008) -  Freakish Kid (UK)
  3. Woezel & Pip - (2011) (Netherlands)
  4. Flying Animals (2011) (Russia)
  5. Joe and Jack (2012) - Dancing Girl Productions (Ireland)
  6. Aga'b AlQassas (2014) - The wonders of the ancient stories (Egypt)
  7. Puffin Rock (2015-2016) - Cartoon Saloon, Netflix (Ireland) Making of video
  8. Marshmallows and clouds Mothers - Hangzhou animation studio (China) 
  9. Cuentame un cuento (2016) - Novasur (Chile)
  10. Beijin Opera Cats (2016) - Korea del Sur (China) 
  11. Low Season (2017-18) - LUVA (Brazil)
  12. Los Proceres mas Posers (2015-2017) - Productora Houston (Chile) Making of video
  13. Majestade Pé de Manga (2017~) -

Futurama Aquarium Moho

Futurama Aquarium
gvboy has confirmed [2], the studio he works at in Glendale, USA, have used Moho for a scene in Futurama - The Thief of Baghead - Ep4, Season7. All the fish in the aquarium sequence and the T-rex in the tank were done in MOHO as layers and then composited in with the BG and character levels in Toonz. Read more here.

All Hail King Julien

DreamWorks TV
D.R. Greenlaw has also confirmed that DreamWorks Animation use Moho, along with other programs such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects, for 2D animations in their TV Netflix series; Puss In Boots, The Croods, and All Hail King Julien. Read more here.

YouTube Series

  1. Ask the shark (2009-2015)
  2. Jay's Life (2009+) Kartoon Management
  3. Frank 'N' Steve (2009 - 2013) Jonathan Canham, Middle Distance Productions
  4. Beatboxing Dave (2010) - Mike Scott
  5. Hard Furry Pets - (2010) Pseudo cartoons
  6. The Grind (2013+) Kartoon Management
  7. Barry Tales (2014+) Kartoon Management
  8. One Minute Fly (2014+) Michal Reichert
  9. Four and a Half Friends (2015) - Nilesh Patel Studios (India)
  10. Egyptoon (2016+) (Egypt)
  11. OBC (2016) (Iran) Amin Haghshenas
  12. Club Baboo (2017) - Paises Bajos
  13. Horace The Animated Series (2017) - Kavio Productions 
  14. Agua Viva Valores (2017) (Mexico)
  15. Potato Knight (2017) - Kasun Jayamanne


Little Grey Wolfy. Spring and Icy Drift
Little Grey Wolfy - Natalia Malykhina Ulvenfilm

  1. Eye Glasses (2002) - Boots Advert, Dave Cockburn, Squeakypics
  2. Bunny Love (2006) - GreyKid (UK)
  3. Terrence Higgins Trust "Cavern Club" (2007) - Manu Roig
  4. Goldfish - Fort Knox (2009) - Mike Scott
  5. Invention of Love (2010) - Andrey Shushkov
  6. La bête des vosges (2011) - Diana Kennedy (France) IMDB
  7. Fisher (2011) - One Eyed Robot
  8. Little Wing: Descent (2011) - Matt Mitz
  9. Il Ballo del Qua Qua (2011) - Regis Rodriguez
  10. Au Cacau! (2012) - Victor Descalzo
  11. Brudders In ‘Scareplane’ (2014) - littlegreendog
  12. Many Mini (2015) - Justeleven
  13. Animal Hitman (2015) - Triptank's Animal Hitman. Mike Roberts and Matt Mariska (USA)
  14. Who'd Cut the Lights (Official Music Video) Bomrani (2015) - Amin Haghshenas
  15. Home (2015) - Jiten Das, G.10 Animation
  16. Pokey Pokey (2015) - Dark Humor Animation
  17. Tribes in Space (2015) - KidPak
  18. God-mother (2017) - Nina Paley
  19. Tern Tale (2017) - Chuck Kenway
  20. Little Grey Wolfy. Spring and Icy Drift (2017) - Natalia Malykhina Ulvenfilm


Please also see animations made with Moho for over 2000 other animations!

Studios/Users of Moho

Just some of the people and studios using Moho:

Website LM Forum Profile Notes
3deeguy Vidoes 3deeguy  
Alexander Ptichkin   Anime Studio Tutorials. Russian
A Man & Ink amanandink Jeremy Purcell - works at Cartoon Saloon
ActiveEDU danbrosman  
Allen's Moho Page    
Adballah Aldahhan's Videos ahzra  
Animatedlane jwlane  
Animative onurdemirsoy  
Anomaly Animation studios    
Barry Baker's Vids    
Biggyrichanimestudio   Free Anime Studio Files
Cartoon Saloon   Irish Animation Company; Song of the sea
Catnap Studio myles  
CharlesKenway chucky  
Cribble cribble Useful tutorials to help get you started with Anime Studio
Dalemation Blog    
Dale Hemenway AmigaMan ponysmasher David Sandberg
Diddy Channel Videos    
Elif cansu özen   Vimeo
Factory   Altrincham, England, United Kingdom
FithStorey fifthstorey London
FlashPulse J. Baker MoRen
Frameorder Lukas  
Frank 'N' Steve Videos middledistancereal  
Freakish Kid knunk  
Food Fight Studios   UK - YouTube Channel
FunnyLittleMen Manu  
Gary's Anime Studio Experiments    
Gary Woods gdub AKA Cartoon101
Gilles Charbonneau Blog GCharb His book: Learning Anime Studio
Guhitgalaw Blog guhitgalaw  
Heyvern Masking Heyvern This forum post has been made sticky for a reason!
Iconka   Icons, Gifs
Idea Rocket Animation slice11217  
Incredibletutorials ctroft  
Kalamonkey Kalamonkey  
Kartoon Management KartoonManagement  
Keyframe Studios   London, UK
Kim Kelly   Animator at Cartoon Saloon Greenlaw D.R. Greenlaw - Vimeo
Lukas Krepel Website Lukas  
MAD Entertainment   L'arte della felicità
Michael John Roberts    
Mikdog Blog Mikdog Mike Scott
Mike Green's Blog Dodgy  
Moorsel's Blog (1) moorsel  
Moorsel's Blog (2) moorsel  
MotionLab heiseman  
Myles' Website myles  
Nilesh Patel Studios nileshpatel USA, India
Neeters_Guy Blog neeters_guy  
One Eyed Robot    
Oguzhan Gunduz    
OrigamiCartoon   Majestade Pé de Manga
Paul McGrath    
Parker's Vids PARKER  
Paper Wasp Nest   Bill Cass
PaperCrate Studios    
Pseudo Cartoons    
Rajzfilm Animacio    
Revival Studio A.Evseeva Russia
Robson Jesus   Majestade Pé de Manga
Rough Draft Studios   USA, Moho used for parts in Futurama
Rylander Animation rylleman  
Sbtamu's Vids sbtamu b15fliptop 7feet    
ShoNuff93 guyver93 Some excellent lessons on Youtube
Simple Carnival    
SlowTiger Blog slowtiger Markus Kempken - Berlin
SqueakyPics Squeakydave  
Studio Baestarts   May no longer exist
Ulrik's Website ulrik  
Umatik Entertainment   Moho Work
Víctor Paredes Videos Víctor Paredes  
Warlockshomebrew Blog bliss_infinite benecosse  

Moho on Twitter

Here are just a few of the Moho users on Twitter:

User Notes
ABPositiveFilms AB Positive  
amanandink A Man And Ink  
aCatCalledJam aCatCalledJam The Twitter Home of the short film A Cat Called Jam.
as_tutor As_tutor
CartoonSaloon Cartoon Saloon  
TheDeadChuck Chuck draws  
bintykins bintykins Animator, Cardiff
dianakennedy dianakennedy French artist
erikniells Erik Niells Austin-Based illustrator/animator/web developer
hundlestiltskin Jared Hundley Animator, designer
KaaiLeen_ K ᴀ ɪ  
KaelArts KaelArts  
Moho Moho® (Anime Studio) Official Twitter account for Moho
PierGonbo Pierre Gombaud  
Moho SMSIGraphics Official Smith Micro Graphics
Moho ToddCircle Offical Twitter of ToddCircle of Newgrounds.
tommmoore Tomm Moore cartooner
victorparede Víctor Paredes Animator at CartoonSaloon

YouTube Channels

Some of the many YouTube channels that have awesome Moho (Anime Studio) content:

Channel Notes
Agua Viva Valores Agua Viva Valores Children's series
Amira Mostafa  
Anime Studio Pros Tutorials
Anime Studio Tutor AnimeStudioTutor Tutorials
Bill Cass  
CartoonLearning Tutorials
Chuck Kenway Tutorials
Club Baboo Club Baboo Series, Paises Bajos
Daniel Meeks  
Danny Sugar Funksmaname, Tutorials
Dave Cockburn  
dkwroot Tutorials
Drastic Mouse Kreskówki  
Drumlug Cartoons  
eskchat Tutorials
Egyptoon إيجيبتون Egyptoon Series
Fallimation Animaciones  
Fini Paint Backgrounds
Frame Order Funny cartoons
Food Fight Studios  
furface70 Tutorials
Gary Woods  
Gilles Charbonneau Tutorials
Horace the Animated Series Horace the Animated Series Series, Created by Samson
Animation Production by Kavio Productions
Incredible Tutorials Tutorials
Jared Hundley Tutorials
Jarrell Burks  
jpcanimation jpcanimation  
Jordan's Den  
JustoShow JustoShow  
Kartoon Management KartoonManagement
LDNSYNS Digital Media  
McCoy Buck Tutorials
Mike Kelley Tutorials
Mike Scott  
mult master | Александр Птичкин Tutorials
Мульт Компот Мульт Компот  
Nicholas Dodge Animations  
PSEUDO cartoons  
Renee Doehrel Tutorials
sharkytrue Series, Overdroid
ShoNuff93 Tutorials
Smith Micro Graphics Official
snapanimationstudio Snap Animation Studio  
Square Bear Studio Tutorials
Stayf Draws Tutorials
tazatriste Tutorials
Toonmilk Tutorials
Troy Picou Tutorials
VibezEntertainment Production  
Winky Dink Media  
woezelenpip - officieel kanaal  
yang shi  

For more helpful links, including video editors, free music and other animation programs, then please see: Other Animation Related Links

Please get in contact or leave a comment below if you would like your Moho (Anime Studio) related website listed here.


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