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Found 117 results for 3d layers
Lip Sync: Smart Bones
Lip Sync: Smart Bones - Anime Studio Tutorial
27 August 2015Jared Hundley

Working with Anime Studio Pro, we create mouth phonemes through masked layers and smart bone actions. This setup helps us have infinite mouth combinations and to complete manual lip sync in a unique, efficient way.

Shape Stacking pt 2
Shape Stacking pt 2 - Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial
17 June 2012Funksmaname

Discussion thread and script links at the forum:

Smart Warp and Particles
Smart Warp and Particles - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
14 October 2017Víctor Paredes

Using a smart warp layer with a particle layer in Moho Pro 12

Random Flickering Light
Random Flickering Light - Anime Studio Tutorial
6 March 2016ShoNuff93

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to create randomly flickering lights in anime studio. All you need to do is create two separate pieces of artwork (this can even work for photos) and use a smart bone to turn one of the layers on and off randomly. It may not seem easy at first, but once you learn how to use it you'll probably use it all the time!

How to make portals or holes in anime studio pro
How to make portals or holes in anime studio pro - Anime Studio Tutorial
14 May 2016ShoNuff93

Here is another tutorial that a few subscribers requested in regards to making holes or portals that objects can pass through. It uses the same principal as the mirror tutorial by using a mask to hide and reveal objects!

Smoke Effect
Smoke Effect - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
26 August 2012MRjonbo1964

Using the particle layer in Anime Studio Pro 8 to create a smoke effect

Computer Diode Using Masks
Computer Diode Using Masks - Anime Studio 9 Tutorial
25 November 2012ShoNuff93

This is a quick tutorial on making a randomly rotating tech graphic for anime studio. Using a little masking, one keyframeand some random rotation you can create a pretty cool animation with little effort.

Motion Tracking in Anime Studio
Motion Tracking in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Tutorial
2 March 2014Smith Micro Graphics

How to take motion in Anime Studio

Transform Layer - Anime Studio Debut 11
Transform Layer - Anime Studio Debut 11 - Anime Studio Tutorial
26 May 2015Smith Micro Graphics

Learn to use the Transform Layer in Anime Studio Debut 11

Realistic Spotlight Effect
Realistic Spotlight Effect - Anime Studio Pro 8 Tutorial
8 July 2012ShoNuff93

Making a spotlight using simple layer effects to achieve realistic lighting.

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