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Water drop
Water drop
28 February 2018 yamanokonza

It is an animation of water droplet using blur and threshold.
I think that it can be applied variously by changing the numerical value of particles and the layer for smart warp.

20 February 2017 vokil

Spaceman entry

Xenodochial x ray tetra
Xenodochial x ray tetra
30 June 2016 user3764

I have learnt everything from tutorials, Thanks for sharing it. No sound clips belong to me.

TEDDY lost his umbrella
TEDDY lost his umbrella
21 September 2018 johnsonstar1

cute teddy lost his umbrella

Cutout Style
Cutout Style
5 December 2015 admin

Here are two ways to create a paper cutout (cut-out) effect in Anime Studio.

The first is with the layer shadow set to Offset: 0, Blur: 0, Expansion: 10 and the colour set to white and Alpha: 255.
This has then been placed within a group with a small shadow.

The second is with a white mask that is larger than the image.
This has also been placed within a group with a small shadow.

There is a third way, but you have less control, and it doesn't look as good:
File > Project Settings > Render Style > Layer Style > Cutout

Included is a version for Anime Studio Pro 9 and Anime Studio Pro 11.

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