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Amazing Amazon
Amazing Amazon
10 May 2014 sjsrikanth

I took to ASP recently and enjoying it. Everything done in AS.

Credits: music (Africaan from free music)

Singing and Sleepy Squirrels
Singing and Sleepy Squirrels
24 November 2015 leomedd

Everything you see is done inside Anime Studio Pro 9.5. This could be a 2nd chapter of my first entry.
I did all this animation in three days and all the music, voices and performances was done by me in my music studio.time
Sometimes I use a few more softwares for 3D and compositing and color grading, this time I did everything in ASP and it was so easy put all things togheter. I Hope you Enjoy it!

You can view part one here

Sub Par Car
Sub Par Car
28 April 2017 emdunwiddy

Sub-Par Car

From the fertile mind of Mike Dean (an obvious pseudonym) comes Sub-Par Car. The art and animation came from my son. The music is "happy background music" mp3 by SophonicMedia.

Coast Scene
Coast Scene
30 April 2017 joaquin270

Music from Royalty Free Music - AcidJazz - Jazz - Kevin MacLeod

Playful Penguins
Playful Penguins
30 August 2015 nobo

I made this for the August competition. I tried something a little bit more action packed (action-y?). Hopefully you guys enjoy watching this as much as I did making it! I used music from Adobe Premier Elements royalty free music, song title is "Game End".

King is Looking for a Funny Snowman Friend
King is Looking for a Funny Snowman Friend
30 December 2015 leomedd

King Is looking for a Funny Snowman Friend . Everything was done inside Anime Studio Pro version 9.5. I did all the voices , music and sound fx in my little music studio wich is a laptop, an audio interface , a microphone and a keyboard. This animation took me around 2 weeks . I hope you enjoy it !!!

Romeo and JuliANT
Romeo and JuliANT
16 April 2014 cscorbridge

When viewing the YouTube MAKE SURE TO SET YOUR VIEWING SETTINGS TO HD720 AND GIVE IT TIME TO was a big file and I couldn't reduce the bit-rate without losing quality.
Citations: (All from Royalty Free Sound Effects -
1) Dimension Sound Effects; Countryside; SFX - Birds
2) Production Music - Innocent Love 4
) Production Music - Midnight Lovers - Beautiful alto sax melody

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
31 December 2014 animeboy

Santa's head moves back and forth then the words 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' fly out of the box.

Royalty free music from

Animated Audio Bars
Animated Audio Bars
25 June 2017 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12
Each audio track was imported into Moho individually.
Each track is then given a smart bone that is controlled by the audio wiggle script.
The smart bone is linked to a 3D layer that makes the bar's 3D thickness (style>advanced) larger (which make it look longer).
This script turns the smart bone based on the volume of the track.

Music: Cutter by ETBlue

Sound Bars
Sound Bars
20 June 2017 admin

Switch layers can be controlled by an audio file.
Switch layer settings > Switch > Select audio sync source.

The layers are selected automatically from the bottom (quietest) to the top (loudest).

In this example, the bar has 30 layers, starting from short to long, and grouped into a switch layer which has the audio sync applied to it.
I copied this switch group 60 times to the right, offset by 1 frame, using the Delayed Layer References tool.
I then grouped them all, copied the group, flipped them downwards and moved this new group down.


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