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Waves with brushes
Waves with brushes
3 May 2013 admin

This wave scene was created by animating simple lines which had a wave brush style applied.

You will need to copy the wave brush to your brush folder.

Anime Studio Tutorial: Backgrounds With Brushes

Free Anime Studio Brushes

Brush Drift Angle
Brush Drift Angle
5 March 2018 admin

For an animated rotating brush > Brush Settings > Brush angle drift > set to a high number
Then extend the line in your animation to view the effect.
Below are examples for an angle of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000

Queen Snakes
Queen Snakes
22 September 2015 spider

I created one queen snake, made it follow the path, then referenced that layer 3 more times in copied groups to create the effect.
There is a snake skin brush which is called ast-snake-skin_1_0_0_1_1_0_0_1.png - you need to copy this to your custom brush folder in Anime Studio.

Round Lines
Round Lines
8 April 2016 admin

Here's one way to create a nice smooth, rounded line in Anime Studio - use a custom brush!

Download and unzip the round image (AST Round_1_0_0_1_0_0_0_1.png) into your custom brush folder.

Tip: tick the "Tint brush using stroke color" option to color the line.

An example:

3 October 2018 toddcircle

Here is my submission for "Bonfire"

All done with vectors. I used quite a few different brushes to add the details.
I made the flames from scratch, the smoke was created by using the in-built particle effects smoke script which I modified slightly.
Background inspired by Flinstones. rocks and weeds in foreground inspired Puffin Rock.

All audio is from (sound numbers 173936, 249418, 361667 & 371921) provided under Creative Commons 0 License.

Me make fire, fire good.
Alien take fire, Alien bad

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