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Animated Graph
Animated Graph
12 September 2015 admin

Animated graph made in Anime Studio Pro 11.1 used with the aid of the isometric grid

Graph Morph
Graph Morph
6 June 2017 admin

This is a quick example of morphing a pie chart into a graph chart in Moho Pro 12.
The points are moved on the timeline into the required shapes.

You could also use 3D layers to add depth:

Cardiogram Animation
Cardiogram Animation
18 June 2018 admin

Masks and referenced layers were used to create this animation.

Pie Graph
Pie Graph
15 May 2019 starfox

Motion graphic pie chart file

Sound Bars
Sound Bars
20 June 2017 admin

Switch layers can be controlled by an audio file.
Switch layer settings > Switch > Select audio sync source.

The layers are selected automatically from the bottom (quietest) to the top (loudest).

In this example, the bar has 30 layers, starting from short to long, and grouped into a switch layer which has the audio sync applied to it.
I copied this switch group 60 times to the right, offset by 1 frame, using the Delayed Layer References tool.
I then grouped them all, copied the group, flipped them downwards and moved this new group down.


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