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I am a high school student with a lot to learn. I have always loved drawing and love how creative media can make us experience life in new and unexpected ways. I am new to animation and so I have been enjoying playing with stop motion, traditional 2D and digital 2D/3D animation techniques. I have been using Anime Studio Pro since 2017 and enjoy the combination of frame by frame and rigged animation (especially with smart bones). I have more recently upgraded to Moho Pro 12.


  • Water drop

    5 March 2018 at 06:34:46 AM
    Thanks for the help with this. I've been trying to work it out for some time now. I hadn't noticed the warp layer, thanks for pointing it out.
  • Water drop

    2 March 2018 at 10:19:46 PM
    Hey thanks for sharing this. I was wondering what settings you used to merge the particles (how the drops come together)? Anyway, great job.
  • Jack and Jill

    2 February 2018 at 04:40:39 AM
    You are very kind... Thanks! I liked the mesh/crystal (with pastel colours) effect you used on the stick and her heart... great love story for February 14th smile
  • Jack and Jill

    2 February 2018 at 04:35:19 AM
    Totally agree re: profile view girl's face... I rushed her design a little. Thanks for your encouragement and critique.
  • Jack Frost Winter friends

    2 February 2018 at 04:30:04 AM
    I love your character design, so clean and cute and with such soft colours. Your animation reminds me of children's programs that I enjoyed when I was younger. I also like your backgrounds and how you have added subtle details. Your animation has a similar theme to mine... all the best re: voting!

    PS loved your snowman animation from last month... I voted!
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  • The Card
    The Card
    1 Rating (5)
    Moho Pro 12
    28 February 2018
  • Jack and Jill
    Jack and Jill
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    Anime Studio Pro 11.2
    29 January 2018

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Last 4 Tutorials Completed:

Animating in twos in Moho/Anime Studio
Animating in twos in Moho/Anime Studio - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
7 March 2018

With the inclusion of intervals inside AS, we have the option to animate on 2s, 3s or whatever interval we want.
I always liked this feature, but I wasn't able to get good results with it. Now I finally got an idea to get good animations in 2s and want to share this "tutorial" with you.
The difference between animating on 1s (each single frame has animation) and animating on 2s (the movement holds each two frames) could seem subtle, but it opens a lot of possibilities, gives more control over the animation and also and gives the movement another -less computational- rhythm.
Please watch the video and give feedback here:

Smart Warp and Particles
Smart Warp and Particles - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
14 October 2017

Using a smart warp layer with a particle layer in Moho Pro 12

Smart Warp and Follow Path
Smart Warp and Follow Path - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
5 November 2017

Using smart warp layers with the follow path tool, VĂ­ctor Paredes shows us some new possibilities.

Shared file that uses this method: Goldfish in bowl

Incremental Backups Script
Incremental Backups Script - Moho (Anime Studio) Script
22 February 2018

This handy button will create backups of your Moho file.

Moho has a built-in auto save feature (preferences > documents > auto save for crash recovery), but this simply saves a copy of your work every few minutes, and you can't roll back to an earlier version if you wanted to.

Clicking this new save button will ensure you have a copy to fall back on later.